Reduce Back Pain with Ergonomic Products

Reduce Back Pain with Ergonomic Products

Sitting all day is not what the human body was designed to do. Too much sitting is the cause of a variety of negative consequences on our health and well-being, according to research regarding sedentary occupations. Back pain is one of the most frequent issues that people mention when it comes to sitting too much.

Over time, we tend to slouch in one direction or another, so even the best office chair won’t keep you at perfect posture all day. Perhaps you’ll hunch over your keyboard and round your back, or perhaps rest your head on a hand. While they’ll feel comfortable at the time, these inappropriate postures will lead to back pain over time.

Back Pain from Sitting

From a strained neck to herniated discs and muscle weakness, all these are examples of back pain caused by poor posture. Purchasing a standing or height adjustable desk—which are easy to come by—is an excellent way to improve your posture. When you can adjust the height of your desk, you can use it while sitting or standing. You can alleviate back pain by changing your position from standing to sitting which will help you maintain better posture while you work.

Ergonomic products in your workplace like ergonomic chairs, can also help to reduce lower back pain. Ergonomic chairs are the most popular and easiest to obtain ergonomic products on the market, and they really do make a difference to your wellbeing and health. If you’re sitting for long periods of time, you should be comfortable. An ergonomic chair improves your concentration by limiting discomfort and allows for proper circulation, as well as properly supporting your back and relieving muscle fatigue and lower back pain.

Active Chairs

We have a choice of two ergonomic chairs to alleviate back pain. Both involve active seating. Active seating refers to stools or chairs that move around while you’re sitting, and include wobbly stools, and balance balls, along with other seating options that cause you to work your core muscles while you’re sitting. Active seating can help improve posture and boost your energy levels during the day by preventing slouching.

Our Wobble Stool is an active ergonomic chair that makes moving while sitting easy and fun. It’s designed to tilt and move, while remaining under your control keeping you alert and active at your desk. The seat swivels and the height is adjustable.

The Wobble Stool Air is designed with an unstable cushion to encourage movement while sitting by keeping your core active. Five caster wheels allows you to move around your workspace easily.

Standing Desks

Some ergonomic products like standing desks can be expensive. At Uncaged Ergonomics, we offer a selection of ergonomic office products, including our cheap height adjustable desk, the Rise Up. But we’re certainly not referring to poor quality construction with the word cheap. The Rise Up electric height adjustable standing desk plugs into any wall outlet and adjusts height with simple up and down buttons. It has four memory presets, so you can quickly move the desk to just the right height for your current task. The desk surface is made from easily sustainable bamboo, which will compliment any office décor.

Standing Desk Conversion Choices

There’s another affordable standing desk option, the height-adjustable standing desk conversion, if you can’t invest in a full-sized ergonomic standing desk. Adjusting to the height you need to work while sitting or standing, our CHANGEdesk sits on top of your existing work surface. CHANGEdesk comes in three models: two with manual height adjustment, and one with electric adjustment.

Our LIFT standing desk conversion and WorkEZ standing desk conversion family are the most inexpensive options for a height adjustable desk. You can position your screen and your keyboard at heights that are appropriate for ideal posture, as both include a computer monitor riser and separate keyboard tray.


Remaining in one position for too long can lead to back pain—especially if your posture isn’t always perfect. Ergonomic products that relieve back pain like ergonomic chairs and height adjustable standing desks will help. Many people state they’re reminded to take frequent breaks and move around when using active seating and height adjustable desks, and that’s a sigh of relieve any back will appreciate. 

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