Office Organization 101: Tips for Reducing Clutter

Office Organization 101: Tips for Reducing Clutter

Whether you work from your home, remotely, or at an office, organization is crucial. Reducing clutter will improve your productivity and create a more pleasant work environment for you.

Read on to learn how you can organize your office wherever that may be and become an office organization pro.

Cleaning and Tossing Away

No matter what type of office space you are tidying up, the first and most important task is to purge your office space of anything you don’t need. Before you start organizing, you need to get rid of everything you don’t need in your office space.

The most common clutter includes old documents and fliers that need shredding, misplaced files and folders you have to return, forgotten office equipment, decorations, and plain old junk. If your office is too cluttered and you don’t know where to begin, focus on one area at a time and remove anything that doesn’t belong there.

Remember, less is more when it comes to office organization.

Reorganize From Scratch

Now that you removed everything that is useless, take everything off your desk and your drawers and place them in a box next to you. When you need a particular item, you can take it from the box, use it, and then place it in the most suitable position in your working space.

That way, you will find the optimal location for each of your items. Moreover, if some items stay in the box for a long while, maybe you can consider removing them from your office space altogether.

Set Office Areas

Unless your office is a single desk, you will need to assign different activities to different areas of your office.

Obviously, you should dedicate your office to writing and computer work. Then, you should group up shelves and filing cabinets you regularly use as reference area. Finally, up any shelves and closets you use for your office supplies.

Optimize Your Space

Getting up from your office is good for your circulatory system, but doing it too much will take a toll on your productivity. When organizing your office space, make sure you place the things you need most in close proximity, and group up similar items together.

Using a standing desk is a great way to keep your desk optimized and create an office flow where you don’t have to leave your desk as often. Standing desks are both healthy and effective.

Fix Your Cables

Finally, you should spend some time to sort out the cables around your office. There are numerous ways to organize your cables, including DIY solutions and commercially available cable organizers.

Take your Office Organization To the Next Level

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Realizing people spend too much time hunched over screens, we set off to develop the right products for a happier, healthier, and more productive work environment. So, come on in and browse our selection of standing desks, stands, wobble stools, and other ergonomic products!

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