Modern Offices: 3 Reasons to Invest in an Electric Standing Desk

Modern Offices: 3 Reasons to Invest in an Electric Standing Desk

If you're like 86% of Americans, you sit all day when you're at work.

Sitting for too long can cause several serious health problems. It increases your risk for chronic diseases and can even cause mental health issues.

So, if you're hunched over your desk all day, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Standing desk ergonomics allow you to still be efficient at work while removing risk factors that set you up for chronic conditions and disease.

If the thought of less pain at work makes you want to jump for joy, you're going to want to keep reading. We're about to reveal three benefits of investing in an electric standing desk.

1. Lowers Back Pain

If you've spent any time sitting at a computer desk, you know how painful it can be for your back. The body is made to stand and move around during the day. Sitting all day puts unnecessary strains on joints. It can cause even cause serious problems like herniated disks and pinched nerves.

Standing during your workday can help improve your posture and put your spine into a position where it's more naturally aligned. Studies have shown that standing can reduce fatigue levels and back pain in overweight office workers.

The key to fighting back pain is finding the best standing desk for your particular needs. The desk ergonomics need to be just right to provide a comfortable workstation that you can reap the benefits from.

2. Improves Mood & Boosts Energy

Moving around and working standing instead of sitting, allows your body to pump fresh blood and oxygen to your brain. This helps to release mood-boosting chemicals that will make your workday a little more bearable.

In one study, participants found that standing at work not only improved their mood but reduced their stress and fatigue levels, too.

3. Increases Productivity

Studies have found that standing at work can boost productivity by 10%. There are some theories about how standing increases efficiency.

One study suggests that standing while working increases urgency, allowing you to be more focused on the tasks at hand. Other theories suggest that the increased energy levels are to thank for the boost in productivity. Standing desks also reduce the ease of multitasking, which can have a positive impact on focus.

It's not only working adults that reap the efficiency benefits. Students can also benefit from the productivity-boosting properties of standing desks.

Reap These Benefits With an Electric Standing Desk

Having an electric standing desk in your office can change your life. Now that you're aware of the benefits, it's time to consider purchasing one.

Remember, even if you're standing, you still need to keep your standing desk posture in mind. If it's not set up explicitly for you, you run the risk of having poor posture, negating the positive effects of using a standing desk in the first place.

Are you looking for more ergonomic options for the office? Whether it's a standing desk, a balance board, or active chairs, we have what you need to feel better, more productive, and energized at work. 

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