Minimalism at Work: 5 Office Organization Ideas for an Effective & Clutter-Free Workspace

Minimalism at Work: 5 Office Organization Ideas for an Effective & Clutter-Free Workspace

80% of items we keep we never use. This statistic highlights how easy it is to clutter items that we think we are going to use in either is home or in the office.

When it comes to office organization ideas, it's important to build habits that eliminate clutter in order to keep your office decluttered and clean.

If you want to have a minimalist office, here are 5 office organization ideas that can make that happen.

1. Office Organization Ideas Requires Decluttering

Decluttering your desk means throwing away stuff that you may not need and converting paper files into digitalized files.

Another way to take stuff that you may not use and storing it in specific areas of your desk. For instance, drawer dividers can help keep your stuff more organized.

You can also find more tips about how to declutter your desk in this recent blog post.

2. Keep Files in a Chest

An old chest that may not be used for anything in your home is a great organizational piece.

It can be used to organize your files and folders, and keep supplies hidden away.

3. Create a Space for Markers, Pens, and Pencils

It can be frustrating shuffling through your desk to find a marker, pen or pencil.

Having a shoebox or a jar can help you keep all of them organized in one spot instead of having them cluttered away in your desk drawer.

With a shoebox or jar, you can organize markers, pens, and pencils by size and color.

4. Wall Hanged Storage

A wall hanging storage can be an old shutter and something else that holds letters and mail instead of having it cluttered on your desk.

To be even more organized, you can create color-coordinated storage on the walls for specific kinds of mail or letters.

For instance, you can have something for outgoing mail as a reminder to send it out the following day.

5. Magnetic Calendar

A magnetic calendar helps you keep your schedule organized instead of having tons of post-it notes on your desk as reminders.

Having a magnetic calendar also ensures that nothing is erased with a dry erased calendar. You can also place your calendar above your desk or somewhere else entirely in your office.

The point is, a magnetic calendar helps you keep track of specific events without cluttering your desk.

To Be a Minimalist, You Have to Think like a Minimalist

If you want a clean and organized desk that appears minimalist, it requires thinking like a minimalist.

That means you have to think about what don't need and don't use it rather than what you need. It means only including the essentials in your office space rather than all the stuff you think you might need. Overall, this office organization ideas can help you declutter what you don't need.

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