LIFT’s Lowest Height Is Too Tall For Me!

LIFT’s Lowest Height Is Too Tall For Me!

We designed LIFT to be an adjustable height monitor stand that can comfortably hold single monitors, dual monitors, and heavy monitors like the iMac at an ergonomically-correct height for standing.

If LIFT’s height is too tall, to sit in a "normal" chair, we recommend utilizing a higher chair (like a drafting chair or the Wobble Stool). Sitting higher will make it much easier and more likely that you’ll convert back and forth between sitting and standing. Using a higher stool or chair removes the burden and decreases the time required to convert between sitting and standing.

We believe LIFT works great especially for standing. As a standing desk "converter" it adjusts in height + holds virtually all monitors + it has room to raise work essentials to a comfortable standing height (think documents / folders / calculators / etc.). If you feel LIFT is too tall for sitting comfortable, consider investing in a taller chair or the Wobble Stool – your health will probably thank you.

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