HOW WE DEVELOPED LIFT – An Adjustable Height Standing Desk Conversion Kit:

HOW WE DEVELOPED LIFT – An Adjustable Height Standing Desk Conversion Kit:

We designed the WorkEZ Standing Desk to be a simple, affordable and effective standing desk conversion kit. Customer response to this new product was great … but soon we realized not everyone is working on a laptop or lightweight flatscreen monitor. Plus iMac users contacted us looking for an affordable way to stand up. So we hit the books to try and develop an adjustable height monitor stand that would safely hold virtually any monitor.

When designing LIFT, our goal was to develop a monitor stand that made it easier for people to stand up at their desk.  Our design requirements included:

  • Strength & sturdiness to support single, dual and heavy monitors like the iMac
  • Simple height adjustment
  • Affordable
  • Worked correctly for standing (i.e. put monitors at eye-level so you don't have to hunch ... personal gripe, as a "tall" person i hate hunching!).

Packing all these features into one product was challenging. During the design process, we hit a divide that left us with two options:

OPTION #1: Develop a product with a very low minimum height that worked well for sitting but wouldn't extend tall enough to properly (ergonomically?) fit most people when they stood up. This meant customers would be hunching when using the product standing!

A competitor’s product ... notice the user’s posture : hunching over & looking down at screens that are too low

OPTION #2: Develop a product that would properly accommodate almost everyone for standing, but may be a little too high for some people to use comfortably sitting.


In response to all the medical research indicating that humans aren’t designed to sit for prolonged periods, we opted for #2 - develop a product for standing. Hence LIFT – an adjustable height monitor stand that holds monitors at a comfortable standing height for just about everyone – was born.

LIFT holds screens at eye-level for most people when they stand up.

But LIFT holds monitors too high for me to sit comfortably at my desk …

If LIFT’s height is too tall, to sit in a "normal" chair, we recommend utilizing a higher chair (like a drafting chair or our Wobble Stool). Sitting higher will make it much easier and more likely that you’ll convert back and forth between sitting and standing.

We believe LIFT works great especially for standing. As a standing desk "converter" it adjusts in height + it has room to raise work essentials to a comfortable standing height (think documents / folders / calculators / etc.). If you feel LIFT is too tall for sitting comfortable, consider investing in a taller chair – your health will probably thank you.

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