How to Use a Balance Board for a Standing Desk

Did you know that sitting too long could increase your risk of dying early? Sitting all day may not sound very harmful, but it is. If you rarely get up out of your chair to move around, your body will suffer. 

Using a balance board for standing desk exercises can improve your health in a variety of ways. But what is a balance board and what does it have to do with a standing desk? How can either of these objects help you prioritize your health?

Keep reading and learn more about the benefits of balance boards and standing desks.

Why Is Sitting for Long Periods Bad for You?

You might have heard of a standing desk before, but you might not know what it is. You might not know about its benefits either.

Regular desks have been popular for decades. Regular desks are the go-to option for most people, but that doesn't mean they're the best option. 

Sitting at your desk all day has a variety of negative health effects. While you might feel like you're relaxing when sitting at your desk, you are damaging your body. Sitting for long periods will make you gain weight. 

Sitting all day makes your body burn calories at a very slow rate. You might only burn a few calories every hour. If you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. 

You might gain several pounds in a short period. If you become obese, you will be at risk of more health problems. Diabetes often coincides with obesity. 

Type 2 diabetes is most common among obese people. It is when your pancreas is no longer able to produce enough insulin. Insulin is what controls your blood sugar levels. 

Excessive fat tissue interferes with the pancreas's ability to produce insulin. If your body doesn't have enough insulin, your blood sugar levels will rise. This is because insulin won't be present to remove the sugar from your blood.

The Details

High blood sugar can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. Being diabetic means that you can't eat foods with a lot of sugar. It also puts you at risk for other health issues. 

People with diabetes often have poor blood flow, heart problems, and poor wound healing. Sitting too long can exacerbate all of these problems. It can also cause problems like back pain, neck pain, and stiffness. 

Poor posture when sitting too long can lead to a hunchback. Your cardiovascular health is at risk when you sit too long. When you sit, your heart will remain very calm. 

If your heart never picks up the pace, it will get weak. This will make it difficult for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. Your blood vessels could suffer from this too. 

Fat and plaque build up in the vessels if blood can't flow properly. This leaves you at a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. If you want to avoid these problems, you should avoid sitting all day. 

Getting a standing desk is a great way to combat this. 

Why Should You Start Using a Standing Desk?

Suppose you have a job that makes you sit and work at a desk all day. You might think that you have no choice but to sit there for hours. But this is not true. 

A standing desk can solve this problem. A standing desk allows you to stand and move around as much as you want. The benefits of a standing desk are more numerous than you may expect. 

A standing desk is the foundation of a healthy office. More workplaces are starting to use these desks. More people are starting to incorporate them into their homes too.

But what is so great about a standing desk? How much better is standing compared to sitting? Standing is significantly healthier than sitting because it exercises your body. 

Most people don't consider standing an exercise. But it still exercises your body more than sitting. When you sit, your body is completely relaxed. 

Your muscles won't contract and you won't need to move your body much. When you stand, all of your muscles need to be contracted. Otherwise, it wouldn't be possible for your body to support itself. 

Keeping your muscles contracted is great for your blood flow and heart. Your muscles press on your blood vessels, causing blood to move more swiftly through your body. Standing also requires your heart to beat harder. 

This keeps your cardiovascular system clear and healthy. You have more freedom to move around at a standing desk. Instead of standing in place, you can shift your weight and move around as you see fit. 

What You Need to Know

Moving also keeps your blood flowing and your heart pumping. You can always take a brisk walk around the room and return to your standing desk to give your body an extra boost. Standing is better for your posture. 

Many people forget about their posture when sitting. Craning your neck down to look at your work can ruin your spinal health. It could cause spinal misalignment.

Standing desks are adjustable. You can put them at whatever height you want, so you won't need to crane your neck down. Instead, you can place them in a position that helps you improve your posture. 

Standing up straight will prioritize your spinal health. It also strengthens the muscles in your spine, back, and neck. This makes it easier to have good posture when walking or sitting. 

Standing desks are more popular than ever before. Many workplaces are starting to realize that having employees sitting all day isn't healthy. Incorporating standing desks is the only logical solution. 

A standing desk can reduce nervous energy too. Some people get nervous when sitting in one place for too long. They may start to fidget or become distracted. 

A standing desk allows you to move around as much or as little as you want. This makes it more comfortable to work at the desk. It also allows you to focus more. 

How to Use a Balance Board

Now that you know about standing desks, you might be wondering how balance boards fit into the mix. If you've never used a balance board before, you might not be sure how to start. Using one isn't hard, but there are certain tricks you should keep in mind. 

When using a balance board at a standing desk, your goal will be to stay on the board with both of your feet. This can be difficult if you don't have a very good balance. Balance is something you can work on and improve. 

To start, put one foot on one side of the balance board. Get a feel of how the board moves under your weight. Some boards move side to side while others are round and have more movement. 

Once you get familiar with the board, place your other foot on it. You may fall off right away if you can't keep your balance. Holding onto your standing desk will allow you to stabilize yourself. 

When you start to get a feel for the balance board, release your support and try to stand on your own. Balancing on this board will require the strength of all your muscles. This is why it is good for your whole body.

What Should You Consider?

You will learn how to maneuver your body to stay on the board without falling. If you have never used a balance board before, it is best to practice in a safe area. If you fall, you won't risk hurting yourself.

Once you get the hang of standing on this board, you can use it without thinking about it. Many people use these boards with their standing desks while they're working. It keeps them focused and reduces fidgeting. 

This is especially true for those with a lot of nervous energy. It allows you to exercise while working. Balancing doesn't require too much focus, so it shouldn't get in the way of your work. 

Balance boards aren't very expensive either. Buying one is a small investment that offers a big return for your health. 

The Importance of a Balance Board for Standing Desk

There are many benefits of balance board use that you might not be aware of. Balance boards can be used on their own or with a standing desk. 

Many people like to incorporate the two objects. You can maximize your health by doing that. 

The benefits of this device may not be obvious to you. It sounds more like a toy than something that could benefit your health. 

The main benefit a balance board offers is improved strength. When you stand on this board with both feet, it is necessary to move your body to stay balanced on top of it. Moving your body in this way causes your muscles to contract. 

This is true for the muscles not only in your legs but throughout your body. It is especially good for strengthening the muscles in your abdomen. A balance board doesn't require extreme effort, but it does require some focus and strength. 

Trying a balance board for the first time may be tricky. Once you get the hang of it, it will be much easier. Using a balance board with your standing desk can reduce fidgeting and improve focus. 

If you often feel the need to move around at your desk, a balance board is a perfect option. You won't need to leave your desk when you use a balance board. You'll get plenty of exercise and movement when using this board in one spot.  

What to Know

A balance board can improve all the health benefits that a standing desk has. It is very good at getting your blood moving. Contracting your muscles and keeping your balance on the board works out your whole body. 

This is all ideal for your heart health. Keeping your heart active and strong will increase your lifespan. If your heart gets weak and diseased, you likely won't live as long. 

If you have a job that requires you to work for long hours, you don't have to sacrifice your health for it. A balance board keeps you from being too sedentary.

There are many things you can do on a balance board. When you are at a standing desk, the main thing you'll do is stand on the board. But when you are away from your desk, you can try different exercises. 

Some of these exercises prioritize muscles in the arms and shoulders. Others may strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and back. Others can help your legs and glutes get in shape. 

It all depends on what part of your body you want to strengthen. Using the balance board away from your standing desk will give you more freedom of use. Even when using it at your desk, you can still do plenty of things with it. 

Many people use balance boards as a part of their daily exercise routine. It is a great way to strengthen your entire body, whether you're at your desk or not.

Using a Balance Board for Your Standing Desk

Using a balance board for standing desk is a great way to prioritize your health while you work. A standing desk already comes with many health benefits. A balance board only adds to those benefits. 

Both help by strengthening your muscles, your heart, and the rest of your body. If you're in the market for a balance board, look no further than our selection.

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