How to Stay Active at Work With Ergonomic Products

How to Stay Active at Work With Ergonomic Products

Research shows that the majority of adults in the United States live sedentary lifestyles. In fact, only five percent get 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

If you ask most adults, they'll tell you that they know physical activity is important. At the same time, though, they'll also tell you that they don't know how to get their physical activity in when they have to spend a significant portion of their day sitting in an office.

It's true that office work can make it easy for people to be sedentary. But, luckily, there are lots of things you can do to move more in the workplace.

One of the best things to do is to use ergonomic products. Read on to learn how you can use these products to be more active while you're at work.

Importance of Activity at Work

There are a lot of serious health risks associated with being sedentary for extended periods of time.

For example, a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk of developing serious chronic diseases, including the following:

  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes

Being sedentary can even decrease your lifespan.

A sedentary lifestyle is also bad for your mental health. People who are sedentary are more likely to struggle with mental health issues like depression.

When your physical and mental health is less-than-stellar, you're more likely to have trouble focusing and getting things done while you're at work.

By adding more activity into your day, you can feel better and, in turn, be more productive. This information, alone, should be enough to convince our boss to let you move more while you're at work.

What are Ergonomic Products?

Of course, if it's not easy for people to get more movement in during the workday, they're not going to do it. This is where ergonomic furniture and products come in.

The term "ergonomics" refers to the study of the interactions between humans and various system elements.

The goal of this study is to increase efficiency, increase ease of use, reduce injuries, and promote better compatibility between humans and these system elements.

Ergonomic principles are often applied to things like office furniture and computer products -- things many people use on a regular basis.

Some examples of ergonomic office furniture and products include:

  • Split keyboards and keyboard trays that reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Computer glare screens that are easier on the eyes
  • Adjustable office chairs that better mimic the natural curve of the spine
  • Back braces that promote proper posture

Standing or treadmill desks are also ergonomic tools that can help office workers feel better and maintain their productivity throughout the day.

How to Use Ergonomic Products to Stay Active at Work

There are lots of ways you can use ergonomic products to be more active while you're working. Listed below are some of the best approaches that any office worker can utilize:

Hold Standing or Walking Meetings

Standing desks and treadmill desks make it much easier for office workers to be more active while still getting their work done for the day.

Even if you don't use a standing desk all day long, just breaking up your day with periods of standing or walking can make a big difference.

Talk to your colleagues and ask if you can hold standing or walking meetings instead of sitting in the conference room.

This can help you all be more creative and ensure that everyone is contributing. After all, it's a lot harder to doze off at a standing desk or while walking on a treadmill!

Strengthen Your Core with a Balance Disc

If you need help strengthening your core (the muscles that extend from your sternum to your glutes), a balance disc or balance board can be a great tool to keep at your workspace.

It's an especially good complement to a standing desk.

Stand on the board while you talk on the phone, answer emails, or have meetings with your coworkers or clients.

It's an easy way to strengthen your core muscles and reduce the pressure that sitting places on your spine.

Adjust Your Desk to Improve Your Posture

Another way to strengthen your core is to challenge your posture by adjusting your desk.

It's easy to slouch back in your office chair and let your abs take the day off. This can contribute to back pain, hip pain, and lots of other issues, though.

Many ergonomic desks make it easy for you to adjust them so that your computer is at eye level and you don't have to hunch over to look at the screen.

By forcing your into better posture, you'll start strengthening your core.

You'll likely also find that it's easier to stay alert while you're working, too. Say goodbye to the 2 p.m. slump!

Set Stretch Reminders

You can also install reminders on your computer or phone so that you remember to take breaks and stretch or do short bursts of exercise regularly.

Try setting a reminder every thirty minutes or so. This will help you make sure you're moving throughout the day.

Think small bouts of exercise don't matter? Research shows they can actually be better for you than one long workout followed by extended periods of sitting.

Get Your Cardio in with a Mini Exercise Bike

If you're looking for a new way to get your heart rate up while you're working (and you don't want to use a treadmill desk), try using a mini exercise bike instead.

This is a tool that sits under your desk and allows you to pedal (as though you're riding a bike) while still getting your work done.

It also acts as a footrest for your workspace and encourages you to sit up straight during the day.

Order Ergonomic Products for Your Office Today

Have you been using your office as an excuse to be inactive? If so, it's time to make a change.

By investing in some high-quality ergonomic products for your office, you can increase the amount of movement you do and reap all the benefits of being active while at work.

If you're ready to start shopping for ergonomic furniture and computer products, be sure to check out our online store today.

We have tons of great tools available that will help you feel better and more productive than ever before. 

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