How to Set and Achieve Performance Goals When Working From Home

How to Set and Achieve Performance Goals When Working From Home

Working from home poses a number of unique challenges. Your home contains a number of distractions and the amount of freedom can water down your work ethic.

Setting performance goals will motivate you and hold you accountable for otherwise unmeasured tasks. They create a map to the end game which keeps you organized and allows little stops for celebration along the way.

Read on to learn how to successfully set and achieve work goals.

Setting Achievable Performance Goals

Anybody can set a goal, but creating an achievable goal takes a little skill. Create a little checklist prior to setting your goals so that you set yourself up for success.

Your checklist should answer the following questions.

Is the Goal Clearly Defined?

Before setting work goals, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve. Do not make it vague or up for debate, as that offers room for slack. Say exactly what you want.

Is It Measurable?

You can clearly state what you want to achieve, but if you leave out a time frame, then it looks like more of a dream than a goal. When creating small goals for a big assignment, balance out your deadline for the entire project with what you can manage. This might look like completing each section at specific dates.

Or, you could carve out an amount of time that you will work on it each day. For instance, reaching your goal may mean working at that specific project for 2 hours each day.

Does the Goal Appear Realistic?

Setting goals for work that you realistically cannot meet will not push you to work harder. In fact, unrealistic goals set you up for failure.

While setting work goals, consider:

  • Other work tasks you're juggling
  • Personal commitments (children, parties, exercise classes, etc.)
  • Sleep

Use a daily planner to help you visualize your time for each day. Set goals that require you to push yourself without spreading yourself thin.

Achieving Your Work Goals

Setting goals gets the ball rolling. But how do you achieve them? Set yourself up for success in the details.

Create a Productive Work Environment

The office is set up for production while home typically invites you to relax. Select an area in your home for your workspace and transform it to fit the bill.

Keep that area organized and clear of everything except work stuff. Make it ergonomic with an active chair and balance board.

Close out distractions, like social media. You might add chalk paint to a wall for a vision board!

Hold Yourself Accountable

Complete your goals on time with no excuses. Only create flexibility for real emergencies.

Adding in a small reward for completing each goal helps. But, make sure you do not offer yourself that treat in between or if you do not reach that goal, otherwise it becomes obsolete.

Take Care of Yourself

You cannot reach your destination on an empty tank. Practice self-care so that you maintain the power to achieve your goals.

Start by sleeping enough hours and eating a nutritious diet. You might also exercise or play a sport you love. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically.

Set Up Your Workspace

Look at your performance goals as tools to help you through achievements rather than stressful burdens. You can do this more easily by setting good goals and staging your life for achievement.

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