How to Select the Best Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat for You

How to Select the Best Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat for You

Most of us spend long hours in the office, which has inadvertently led to more sedentary lifestyles. This can increase your chances of health issues like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

To combat this, your workplace may have swapped its regular desks for standing ones. However, these aren't without their own issues; standing for hours on end can take its toll on your feet.

If you're in the market for a standing desk mat so you can feel more comfortable at work, then keep reading. We'll tell you what to consider when trying to select one.

Do You Move Around a Lot?

For those of you who are fidgety, you may take little steps around your desk instead of standing still for hours. Because of this, you'll want to select a mat that'll facilitate your movements, support your posture, and even relax you.

There are standing desk mats made for active people that can massage your feet with a central massage ball. They also come with slanted sides so you can alternate elevation of your feet.

Do You Need to Take the Mat from Place to Place?

If you have a designated desk to work at in the office, then you don't need to worry too much about how heavy and bulk the standing mat is. But if you have a dynamic workspace and you get a different desk each day, or you're in meetings a lot, you'll want to select a mat that's more lightweight.

Will You Be Using Your Chair Much?

Some people have enough endurance to stand for entire days at the office. But others may want to alternate between sitting and standing.

If you're one of those in the latter group, you'll have to pay attention to the thinness of the mat. Some are thin enough that you can roll your chair over it, so you won't have to move it. Otherwise, you'll want to select a mat that's lightweight so you can move it easily.

Pick Mats That Have Medium Hardness

Everyone's feet have arches; pain and soreness can quickly set in if they aren't supported. While you should have good footwear to support your arches, the surface you're standing on matters as well.

Since the floor is flat, it doesn't do much to provide a comfortable surface for your feet. A standing desk mat shouldn't be so hard that it feels the same as the floor. But it shouldn't be so soft that your feet sink right in either.

Materials such as high density polyurethane are ideal since they're essentially memory foam. It's soft, but doesn't allow your arches to collapse. Instead, it supports and holds your arches up while providing a comfortable surface.

Choose the Right Standing Desk Mat

When you have the right standing desk mat, you can work all day without it taking its toll on your body. So think about the factors above and pick a mat that'll have you feeling like you're standing on air.

If you're ready to browse some standing desk mats, then take a look at our selection now.

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