How to Make a Stand-Up Desk Work for You: A Guide for Transition

How to Make a Stand-Up Desk Work for You: A Guide for Transition

Sitting too long has been found to result in high blood pressure, high blood sugar, an increase in the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and even heart attack. Which explains why so many individuals are looking to learn more about how to make a stand-up desk work for their office space.

If you want a productive day at work without having to sacrifice your health, read on for more information on what to look for in a stand-up desk and how to make it work for you.

Benefits of a Stand-Up Desk

Before we get into finding the perfect stand-up desk and how to make it work for your daily office routine, it's important to know why a stand-up desk is so important.

Today, it's a known fact that sitting has been coined as the new smoking. A dramatic increase in our lack of inactivity is resulting in an enhanced risk of severe conditions and diseases

diseases. Fortunately, stand-up desks come with a variety of benefits that can help you avoid such issues. Some benefits of a stand-up desk may include:

  • Lowering your risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Lowering blood sugar levels
  • Decreasing your risk of heart disease
  • Reduction of back pain
  • Improved mood and energy levels Uline enhanced overall productivity
  • A longer lifespan

These are just some of the benefits associated with the use of a stand-up desk. All of these benefits can be amplified when paired with a healthy diet and a routine exercise program.

How to Make a Stand-Up Desk Work for You

It's important to know that not all stand-up desks are created equal. There are some ideal details to look for when choosing the perfect stand-up desk for your office space.

You'll find that there are several types of stand-up desks currently available on the market.

These models include sit-stand height-adjustable desks, sit-stand desktop converters, desktop risers, fixed height standing desk, and sit-stand recline (or astronaut workstations).

You'll find it the sit-stand height-adjustable desk tend to be the most popular.

How advanced you're standing desk is will depend on your own unique taste and budget. While most standing desks can be adjusted according to your height, you'll have to choose between manually adjusted desks and electrically adjusted desks.

There are even some positions like an elaborate sit and recline model that can have you working in the posture of an astronaut.

Since there are countless choices it does help to experiment with different models or to speak with someone that has tried various positions and brands.

Looking into Your Budget

Your budget will also play an important factor in the type of standing desk you choose. You'll find that the average standing desk model will be around $200 with mid-range models coming in at about $500.

However, if you're looking for one with more bells and whistles, like the ones found in the astronaut workstations described above, you'll be looking at prices that are well over $1,000.

It all depends on the type of work you'll be doing, and how much you're willing to invest in your health and posture.

While some individuals choose to create their own standing desk, these are a far cry from the impressive smart desks currently found on the market.

Adjustable Height Free Standing Desks

When looking for functionality and easy height change, this model just may be an ideal choice for you.

Thanks to the level desktop, you won't have to remove your computer and all of your accessories from your desk each time you want to change the height.

You'll also find, due to the popularity of this design, there is an endless number of styles and colors to choose from.

While the majority of these desk models use electric motors for the height adjustment, you'll find there are also some that feature gas lifts in order to maintain counterbalance.

Fixed-Height Desk Raisers

If you're looking to experiment with stand up desk to see if it's the right option for you, you may choose to start with a fixed height desktop raiser. These are basically smaller table top desks that sit upon your existing desk with enough space to hold all of your additional items.

If you're working with a modest budget and are not ready to invest in a real standing desk, this may be a helpful alternative.

Fixed Height Standing Desk

If you're looking for a more low tech solution you may want to check out fixed height standing desks. These fixed height standing desks tend to be custom-made and offer the benefits of a standard standing desk without the ability to raise or lower the height of the desktop.

While this may offset the convenience factor, many people choose these models due to their ecstatic features and their polished "woodwork" look.

Sit-Stand Recline Desks

Zero gravity workstations have quickly become an office luxury, allowing individuals to recline back like an astronaut while still getting their work done.

While these models may not offer the weight loss and heart benefits associated with a normal standing desk, they're a great choice for those who have suffered from a severe back or neck injury that still needs to continue working during their recovery time.

Finding the Right Standing Desk for your Home and Office Space.

Knowing how to make a stand-up desk work for you is just part of the equation for making a healthier and more productive office space.

It's also important to find an ideal vendor for buying the perfect stand-up desk to suit all of your work and posture needs. If you're still looking into your standing desk option check out our product line for some inspiration on what to add to your office next.

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