How to Improve the Office with Ergonomic Office Products

How to Improve the Office with Ergonomic Office Products

Are you tired of feeling back pain throughout your workday? Do you wish you had a way to bring your active lifestyle into the office with you?

With ergonomics, you can! Ergonomic office products do wonders for the way your body feels at work and how well your mind is able to perform, too. A few simple changes in how you sit, stand, and set up your desk as a whole may be the difference you need to feel better and work harder.

This goes beyond drinking enough water and taking a few small breaks throughout the day. Such office tricks come in handy, but they aren't enough to improve your ergonomics.

Here's a closer look at what this concept really is and how the right office products can significantly improve your workday.

What Is Ergonomics?

Simply put, ergonomics is the study of work. It's changing the way business people all over the world approach their 9-5 and that of their employees.

It used to be considered a part of life to show up at work, sit down for about 8 hours straight, then go home. This simply isn't the case anymore. While there is still plenty of work to be done during a modern-day 9-5, the way people work is changing.

You no longer have to sit at a desk all day or stay put, especially if such habits put a strain on your body. Instead, you can find new ways to perform the tasks you love while taking care of your body, too.

This is more simple than you might think - especially with the products listed below.

The Best Ergonomic Office Products Available

Improving your ergonomics in the office doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. It's simply a matter of finding the products that work best for you.

Not everyone likes to use a standing desk, but, some people hate the thought of sitting down all day. This is just one example of the various options available to improve your quality of work and overall wellbeing. Consider the following ergonomic office furniture items before you start remodeling your office space.

1. Ergonomic Desk Chairs

Not all desk chairs are made the same. If you've been at your job for a while, you probably know this all too well. Some chairs barely do anything to support your back.

Thankfully, there are others made to support your back and legs. They improve your posture when you sit and result in less stiffness when you stand up and move around.

The best ergonomic desk chair for you is one in which your feet comfortably touch the ground when sitting down. The cushion will have a rounded edge to best support your knees, and there will be the perfect amount of padding to ease any tension in your back.

2. Active Stools

If you're curious about the ergonomic office products for sitting that don't involve standard chairs, look into active stools. These allow you to sit down without compromising your wellbeing.

Active stools create a slight challenge in your abdominal area. They make you use your abs to support yourself throughout the day, making the body more attentive and focused than it would be if slouched in a chair. Not to mention, you may even burn a few extra calories!

3. Standing Desks

There are ergonomic desk chairs and active stools, and then there's the option to not sit at all. You may want to look into getting an ergonomic desk.

This means you'll be standing all day long, which some people are a little hesitant to try at first. However, it might the step out of your comfort zone your body's been needing.

Working while standing up keeps you focused, helps you maintain good posture, and allows you to start doing something to relieve all those years of sitting down every day.

If you're not sure how well this will work for you, get a desk you can easily adjust from sitting to standing. This way, you get the best of both worlds. Sit at your desk in an ergonomic chair in the morning, then adjust it to stand when you start feeling groggy or notice you're slouching.

4. Balance Boards

Balance boards and standing desks go hand in hand. They help you engage your legs while you stand instead of keeping them in a stiff position for hours on end.

Plus, they're fun! Once you get the hang of using a balance board, there's no going back. This ergonomic office tool keeps you energized and engaged from the moment you clock in until you leave the office - with breaks to stand still throughout the day, of course.

5. Laptop Stands

If you do prefer to sit rather than stand, at least invest in a laptop stand. This elevates the laptop screen to be at eye level. Such a position prevents you from hunching over to read and type.

Even if you sit straight, having a laptop below eye level causes strain on your neck. This builds up over time and affects the range of motion in your neck and how comfortable you feel throughout the day.

6. Keyboard Trays

Here's something a little ironic: while it's good to elevate your laptop screen, it also pays off to lower the level that your keyboard sits on. Bringing the keyboard closer to your lap makes typing feel more natural.

If you have a standing desk, consider tilting the keyboard at an angle or get a laptop stand that comes with a keyboard tray.

7. Portable Stands and Swivel Setups

The final ergonomic office products to consider are portable stands and swivel steps. If you operate in an open workspace or you like to work from home every once in a while, you need a portable stand.

This is a lap stand you can use when sitting on a couch or working from your armchair at night. The stand keeps everything level and lets you work in comfort even when you're not in a traditional desk setup.

For those who have particularly large desks, though, swivel stands may be the way to go. This allows you to share your screen and adjust your seating from one end of the desk to the other with ease.

Improving Your Ergonomics One Purchase at a Time

Transforming the way you work doesn't happen overnight. But, your work environment can significantly improve with the right ergonomic office products.

As you make the transition from sitting to standing - or at least sitting correctly - you start to notice the way your body is supposed to feel. Say goodbye to an aching back and stiff neck, and say hello to a better quality of work and life overall.

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