How to Convince Your Manager to Switch to Standing Desks

How to Convince Your Manager to Switch to Standing Desks

Sitting at a desk all day isn't for everyone. If you're considering other options for staying healthier, then a standing desk might be the right solution.

Once you've decided on a change, you still have to convince your manager to switch to standing desks. It's not too hard with scientific data to back you up. Here are some suggestions for how to persuade your boss to let you switch.

Suggest a Budget Plan

When you go to your boss about switching to standing desks, they may ask about the costs. Standing desks can cost more than regular desks, and if you already have regular desks, it's an added expense. Come prepared with suggestions for modifying the budget to pay for the desks.

You can offer to buy your own desk or cut something from your own expenses to accommodate the extra expense. Depending on how much you're involved with the budget, you may be able to make more specific suggestions.

Gather Some Allies

Find out who else wants a standing desk. If other coworkers want standing desks, your manager may be more likely to give in.

Don't make it confrontational, like an "us against them" situation. Let them know how many people are interested without acting antagonistic. Keep your tone conversational and friendly, and leave any bossy feelings at the door.

Use Health Benefits to Convince Your Manager to Switch to Standing Desks

Explain that there are standing desks with ergonomic design to help you avoid the hazards of repetitive tasks or poor posture. There are other health risks to sitting all day, too, even if exercise is a regular part of your routine.

Studies have linked sitting all day to shorter lifespans, as well as an increase in heart disease. It's even possible that long periods of sitting put you at a greater risk for cancer.

Offer to Help

If you're not making more work for someone else by suggesting standing desks, your manager may get excited about the idea. Let them know that you're willing to help disassemble the old desks and put together the new ones.

Depending on the desk style, you may need to spend some time with a drill. For longer projects like that, offer to come in early or stay late to get the job done so your regular work time isn't interrupted.

Suggest a Trial Period

All this still might not convince the staunchest of managers. If they still aren't sure, then suggest a trial period to get used to the idea. Try the standing desks for a while, and see what changes happen.

Your boss can ask everyone how they're feeling at the end of the trial period. See if they're having less back pain or noticing weight changes. You might need a longer trial period to notice some health changes.

Suggest that your manager also keep track of everyone's productivity, too. They may notice that everyone gets more work done while standing.

A Healthier You

Use these tips to convince your manager to switch to standing desks. With a little time, you may start to notice that you feel healthier and you don't gain weight as easily.

You'll also have the confidence that you're staving off the long-term effects, like the risk of heart disease.

For more information on standing desks and ergonomics, check out some of our frequently asked questions.

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