How to Buy High Quality Ergonomic Products Online

How to Buy High Quality Ergonomic Products Online

Ergonomic office products are very popular these days—and with good reason. You shouldn’t have to leave work every day exhausted, stiff, and sore. To reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders like repetitive stress injuries, you want to give your workstation a complete refresh. But how do you find the best ergonomic products online?

Underdesk Keyboard Trays

When your keyboard is positioned too high, too low, or too far away, you may be straining muscles in your head, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands. You want your keyboard to be directly in front of you, at a height that matches the height of your arms at your sides with your forearms bent at a neutral 90-degree angle.

If your work surface isn’t at that height, whether you’re standing or sitting, an underdesk keyboard tray may be what you need. You’ll want to find one that puts your keyboard in the appropriate position, so do some measurements to find out how your desk surface will work with an underdesk keyboard tray. Be sure the surface is thick enough to drill into when mounting it, and you’ll also want it to be able to slide out far enough for you to reach it properly. You can find high quality ergonomic products online, including underdesk keyboard tray models that have fixed height or adjustable height, so choose the one that adjusts to you.

Standing Desks

You might want to have the option to work while standing, and you can find plenty of affordable standing desks to choose from online. Most standing desks can adjust their height to accommodate just about everyone. The best ergonomic products are ones that are versatile and easy to use. Some standing desks have electric motors that move them up and down to just the right height for you.

But if you can’t afford to replace your whole desk, you might consider a cheap height adjustable desk conversion that sits on the work surface and can move to heights that are appropriate for sitting or standing. These usually look a bit like computer monitor stands, but are often large enough to hold two monitors, or a monitor and a laptop. A standing desk conversion may also have a built-in keyboard tray and mousing platform that adjusts in height along with the height of the monitor.

As always, when you’re looking for high quality ergonomic products online, you’ll want to do some measuring before you make your decision. Find out the optimal height for sitting and standing positions, and make sure the products you choose can meet your requirements. You’ll also want to ensure your new standing desk or standing desk conversion will fit in the space where you intend to use it!

Computer Monitor Stands

A computer monitor stand is one of the best ergonomic products you can buy, because they can be helpful in a variety of situations. The ideal position for a computer monitor is to have the center of the screen at your eye level. If you have to tilt your chin downward to see your monitor, then you will benefit from placing it on a monitor stand.

If you stand while working, computer monitor stands will raise the monitor to your eye level so you don’t strain your muscles just to see what’s on the screen. Computer monitor stands come in many heights, and some are even stackable to achieve a wider variety of heights. Again, get out your measuring tape and learn how much height you need to add to get your computer monitor in the right place.

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