How to Be More Productive in Life: 4 Quick Tips

How to Be More Productive in Life: 4 Quick Tips

Increasing labor productivity offers opportunities for increasing output without incurring higher input costs. Since 1947, American businesses have produced nine times more products and services with only a small increase in work hours.

Productivity at work is only one part of the equation. You want a productive life. Are you wondering how to be more productive in life?

There's no single solution but read this guide for some tips for a more productive, happier life.

1. Prioritize Your Calendar

A calendar is non-negotiable. Pick one calendar app and make sure everyone you work with uses it. Schedules should include blocks of uninterrupted time for everyone.

Are you handling the calendar for a group at work? Don't allow any scheduled meetings unless absolutely necessary. Make sure meetings are time-limited.

Productive people stick to a daily routine. If you want productivity in your life, ditch your television and create a routine.

2. Reduce Distractions

Since the advent of smartphones and social media, there's no end to the distractions. If you want a more productive life, tame your cellphone! Turn off all social media notifications.

Give yourself 1-2 time-limited slots per day for checking social media. These slots should be no more than 15 minutes.

Email is a big distraction for lots of people. Again, give yourself 1-2 times per day for checking email. Emailing responses within 24 hours is fast enough.

If you must check your email more often, aim for checking it as few times as possible. Stop multi-tasking. It's bad for your brain and diminishes productivity.

3. Prioritize Your Health and Wellness

You need daily exercise for good health. Schedule an hour for walking, running, or the gym. Stand-up desks and active-sitting chairs are great for added exercise throughout the day.

Your brain needs a good night's sleep. Shut down your computer and all devices an hour before bedtime. Consider adding a half-hour for meditation or other calming practice.

Do you have employees? Give them the same considerations. Healthy employees miss fewer workdays. Let your employees know they should take their lunch and other breaks.

Make sure you take your breaks too!

4. Invest in Tools and Resources

A cloud-based solution for trouble-shooting company issues is a must. Everyone needs access to these documents.

Putting off expensive investments is understandable but if you want a successful company and life, you need the right tools. Having the right equipment makes getting the job done easier.

In your personal life, invest in apps that make your life run smoother. Instead of running off to the yoga studio, try a yoga app. It'll save you time and money.

How to Be More Productive in Life and Work

Now you know how to be more productive in life and work. It's not easy changing your habits but with a little effort, you can be more productive.

Get a calendar app and use it. Put everything on the calendar including exercise and blocks of uninterrupted time.

Reduce distractions - you know what they are! Make health and wellness a priority. Sick, unhealthy people aren't productive.

Investing in the necessary resources makes everyone's lives run smoother.

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