How Having a Laptop Desk Can Help That Crick in Your Neck

How Having a Laptop Desk Can Help That Crick in Your Neck

Working from home is a great option for many unable to work regular schedules or those seeking a more enjoyable option. Professional gaming, art, writing blogs, selling makeup—most remote work means hours on a laptop.

When getting up after a long work session, does your neck hurt?

According to medical professionals, working on a laptop with poor posture puts 50 or more pounds of pressure on the neck. No wonder it's been bothering you!

A laptop desk is an easy, affordable solution to your suffering. Here's how they work.

The Science Behind a Laptop Desk

When you sit with your laptop on your lap or at many standard desks and tables, the screen's not at eye level so your neck has to hold your head up.

Your head isn't light—The average person has almost 12 pounds on their shoulders, nearly the weight of a gallon and a half of milk! Gravity multiplies it to 50 pounds of force on your neck.

It's All in the Angles

Designers and scientists have done the research, and thankfully there's a solution available!

A group of biomedical engineers conducted a study about posture and how the angles of our heads affect it. Given the field, it makes sense they advocate for a device that measures those angles, making it easier to diagnose posture issues.

If that's how to get a diagnosis, how do you treat it? This is where furniture designers step in. They've created a variety of laptop desks designed to improve your posture, detailed later on.

Protect Your Investment

The science behind laptop desks isn't focused on health alone. Computer scientists designed your laptop assuming you'd use it not straight on your lap, but instead on a hard, flat surface. The name's admittedly misleading!

When you use your laptop on something soft, such as your lap or a couch cushion, it can't breathe like it's designed to and might overheat. Would you rather spend as little as $10 on a laptop desk or hundreds of dollars on a new computer?

The answer is obvious!

Popular Laptop Desk Setups

With all this talk about laptop desks, what exactly are they? Many workers are turning to laptops instead of wired computers, as they're portable, more convenient, and often less expensive, and furniture is keeping up.

There are several laptop desk styles to save you from neck strain, including:


Some workers use laptops in the office or do best in a more traditional environment at home, so some laptop desks and stands work along with a traditional desk.

Laptop Lap Desks

Using laptops, of course, many of us are used to working on our laps. Designers know this, and with many options available, it's easy to choose the best lap desk for you.

The Bed Desk

Working from home is a great career option for many disabled individuals, even those who need to stay in bed. Others prefer more comfort, lack furniture, or work all day and binge-watch all night!

Many lap desks work perfectly in a chair or a bed, and some are even designed with work from bed in mind.

Find the Best Laptop Desk for You

With so many reasons to buy a laptop desk, and plenty of affordable options, why not buy one today? If you need help, Uncaged Ergonomics is here to answer all your questions. Don't be afraid to reach out

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