How Balance Stools Work Your Core

How Balance Stools Work Your Core

The amount of time Americans are spending at work is steadily rising. As such, the chance to do things like spend time with family, date and socialize, and work on personal interests is becoming harder to take advantage of.

We're all playing a balancing game. But, did you know that balance stools can help you better manage your work/life schedule? This simple tool targets your abs while you focus on regular desk tasks like emails and phone calls.

Swapping your regular chair for a balance stool can help you cut the amount of time you spend at the gym before or after work. If you haven't been able to find time to work out at all, there's even more reason for you to try out this solution.

Here's a closer look at how a balance stool can transform your core strength.

The Benefit of Bringing Workouts into the Workplace

Balance stools are the perfect middle ground for people who care about their health and want to improve how their work life reflects that - but don't want a standing desk. Not everyone can stand all day.

Thankfully, there are many ways to shift more attention to your physical health while at work. Some people take their lunch break to go for a walk or even to get a quick, high-impact workout in. Others do things like push-ups or situps throughout the day.

As great as these solutions can be, many employees don't even have time for them! If you're one of the people who need a healthy tool to implement without disturbing the regular flow of your day, you need a balance stool.

This tool gently ignites your core throughout the day, making it stronger and more muscular. In addition to these physical results, there are some benefits balance stools bring to your professional life, too.

Make the Most of Your Time

Have you tried the 5 AM gym schedule or attempted to go straight to the gym after a long workday? It may work for a while. At some point though, you get burned out.

Between the loss of sleep from waking up early, the time in traffic both ways, and the time you spend putting in an effort at the gym or your job - your whole day goes by! But, with a balance stool, you get to claim some of those moments back.

Sitting on a balance stool means you don't have to go to the gym every single day. Or, you at least don't have to spend an extra twenty minutes working on your core.

Instead, you get to build this area of strength while you're plugged in at work. You're killing two birds with one stone, and opening room in your schedule for other things.

Get Focused

Another benefit of bringing any kind of workout into your place of employment is the mental stimulation it brings. By using a balance stool, you're activating your muscles, which focus your mind.

Think about it: when you're tired, you tend to slouch at your desk. You can't really do that on a balance stool because this seat requires you to sit straight. Such a small adjustment can be the difference between boosting your productivity or falling behind on your to-do's.

The right posture keeps your mind sharp. It helps you focus on the tasks at hand, but also build your mental stamina to get through a day full of private work, client interactions, and company meetings.

How Balance Stools Build Your Core Strength

How does a simple posture fix strengthen your core?

In a few ways, actually. Balance stools only work when you're able to balance properly. Once you get this down, the stability and comfort of sitting this way create a low-impact challenge on your core.

Through consistent use of this tool, your core gets much stronger over time.

Balance, Balance, Balance

Maybe you have great balance, maybe you can't remember the last time you really had to challenge this skill. Either way, you're going to have to use your balance to sit on a balance stool.

This may sound pretty obvious, but it's not as simple to do as one might think. To balance on anything means to activate your core. This is your body's point of stabilization.

Try standing on one foot for 30 seconds or a minute to feel it yourself. The same kind of challenge you feel doing this is what your core will feel while sitting on a balance stool, just at a lower strength.

Stability and Comfort

Once you get your balance down, sitting on a balance stool becomes almost instinctual. You won't have to work to stabilize yourself every time you sit down.

Instead, your body will become used to this form of sitting and naturally adjust as you return to your desk. This allows you to be comfortable while working your core, and comfort is a pretty important thing for someone who spends hours on end at their desk.

Low Impact, Big Results

Although you may not notice the impact of a balance stool during your day to day activities, over time, the results are clear. Using a balance stool can transform your core. The more you use it, the more your core strength builds and becomes easier to tap into.

Such a simple effort at work can transform your workouts when you do make it to the gym. Your core is an essential part of common strength-building exercises like squats, deadlifts, and even pull-downs. Working on this part of your body at your desk can improve how you do other things, too.

Other Ways to Focus on Your Health at Work

Healthcare in terms of the workplace isn't just about having an insurance policy and sick days anymore. It's about how each employee finds ways to make their physical and mental well-being a priority.

This may mean making time for meditation during breaks, packing a healthy lunch, or changing the way things get done. Tools like standing desks and balance stools take traditional office setups and make them more effective for the mind and body.

Try such options out for yourself. For a look at our balance stool choices and other health-focused office tools, click here.

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