Here's Why You Should Buy An Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray

Here's Why You Should Buy An Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray

You groan and rub your wrists. The pain shooting through them has gotten worse and worse as of late. It may have something to do with where your keyboard is positioned on your desk at work.

If your keyboard causes you to reach out of your comfort levels that will cause your wrists unnecessary pain. You can fix this issue by getting an under-desk keyboard tray. It will allow you to place your hands comfortably on your keyboard and work a lot more effectively.

To help you determine if an under-desk tray would be right for you, here are a few more benefits that you’ll receive when you make the switch.

1. Not All Desks are the Same

The most typical type of desk in most offices is a flat desk with a keyboard that sits on top. These desks are typically not made for all body types, however. This may cause your hands to either rest too high or too low.

This could seem not too bad at first but after a few hours of typing, this way and your wrists will start to feel it. A tray allows you to reach straight ahead and keep your hands at the 90-degree angle that they should be at.

2. Plenty of Wrist Support

Ergonomic keyboard trays have a tilt feature. This will allow you to adjust the angle of your keyboard to one that will be the most comfortable for you. If your wrists are already in a lot of pain this feature can even help with that.

It will relieve any pressure that your wrists have been under before you made the switch. Your wrists will have all the support that they could ever need.

3. You Can Adjust the Height

Your elbows again, need to be at a 90-degree angle when you're typing but sometimes your body type won't let you do that if you're short. If you get an ergonomic keyboard then you'll not only be able to adjust the angle of your keyboard but the height too.

This will let you have your body at an appropriate posture and get rid of any pain that you've been feeling from your arms being too high or low.

4. You'll be Protected from Wrist Strain and Injury

When you're typing at a keyboard that doesn't allow you to keep your hands at the appropriate wrist posture day after day, eventually this will cause health issues to arise. The most common one is carpal tunnel.

A keyboard tray is meant to control these issues on top of getting rid of any minor pains.

5. Positioning When Standing

Standing desks are another ergonomic item that many people spring for because like the keyboard, it's adjustable. Also sometimes you just want to stand while you work. If you have a back issue often times you'll have to change positions throughout your day in order to be comfortable.

Regardless of your reasoning, you'll need to be able to keep the same proper typing position that you did when you were sitting. A keyboard tray will allow you to seamlessly make the transition from sitting to standing and still type comfortably.

6. You'll be More Productive

Having an ergonomic keyboard tray set up will help make you more productive while you're at work. If you don't believe us then check out some of these facts.

Save Space

You probably keep a lot on your work desk. So much that it's kind of hard to keep things organized. You may even find yourself knocking things over.

You'd be surprised at how much space you'll save by having your keyboard and mouse located under your desk rather than having it on top. When you're doing reports you'll be able to have all of your reference material in front of you rather than off to the side or hanging off your desk. This makes it easier for you to copy things down.

You'll Work Faster

When you're able to have your research and other documents in front of you that you need to copy you'll type a lot faster because everything is in a convenient place where you can refer to it.

Also, you don't realize it but when you're stopping progress every few moments so you can rub your knuckles or wrists you end up wasting a lot of valuable time. Having a keyboard that relieves some of this pain will cut down on these little breaks.

7. No Over-Reaching

Not having your keyboard in a comfortable place not only causes your wrists and fingers pain but your neck, shoulders, and back as well because chances are you won't be sitting up straight.

While you may start out sitting the way you should, as you work you'll progressively lean more to reach your keyboard. If you have a tray, you won't have to lean because your keyboard and mouse will be right there in your lap.

Pick Up an Under-Desk Keyboard Tray for Your Office

If you're feeling a lot of pain in your joints after working in your office for long periods at a time, you may be able to fix the issue by getting an under-desk keyboard tray. It will allow you to sit at a posture that you need to be comfortable and be more productive as well. Why not make the switch?

Want to pick up a tray but you're not sure where to start? Browse through our products to see if we have the right one for your office and budget. 

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