Help Your Laptop Keep Its Cool

Help Your Laptop Keep Its Cool

ergonomic laptop cooling stand

Anyone who uses a laptop computer knows that it gets hot with prolonged use. The effect is especially noticeable if you take the laptop feature literally—the buildup of heat can be very uncomfortable against your body, even through clothing. Beyond your personal comfort, an overheated laptop may become prone to frustrating glitches, such as memory dump, run-time errors, or unexplained shutdowns.

An Easy Way to Avoid Overheating Your Laptop

One of the best ways to provide added protection against overheating of your laptop is to use an ergonomic laptop cooling stand, such as the  WorkEZ Cool laptop desk. The stand’s surface contains two built-in fans that draw heat out of your laptop’s back and disperse it through the rear of the stand. The fans are powered with a USB cord that plugs into your laptop, and the surface can be tilted upward, directing the heat away from your body. A high-quality stand will be height-adjustable, sufficiently wide to accommodate laps of most sizes, and may offer other handy features, like additional USB ports and a mouse pad.

It's Ergonomic, Too!

Cooling stands can prolong the life of your computer, and make using your laptop a much cooler experience. An ergonomic cooling stand has the added benefit of being adjustable to the height and position most comfortable for you, alleviating strain in your arms and shoulders. Use your computer while you relax in comfort on the bed or sofa without fear of overheating, and with the added convenience of a mouse pad and extra USB ports.

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