Getting a Stand-Up Desk Balance Board is Absolutely Necessary

Getting a Stand-Up Desk Balance Board is Absolutely Necessary

There is nothing more gratifying than taking a load off and sinking into that recliner and binge-watch The Office. However, we've all heard about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

It's not that we're lazy. Anyone who has ever worked a full work week can tell you it's really difficult to get home a find the strength to work out. Fortunately, there is a way to get the most out of your workday -- a stand up desk.

A stand-up desk balance board allows you to shed calories and improve your balance all while getting work done. Read ahead to learn more.

Fitness Goals for Real People

We hear it all the time. In fact, if we have to hear about "#fitnessgoals" from one more influencer couple on Instagram that vacations in Borneo for a living, we might just lose it. We can all live the paddleboard lifestyle year-round.

But the rest of us have bills to pay and other responsibilities. There is nothing wrong with paddleboarding, but if only there was a way to get a workout in between trips to the lake or the ocean.

The Problem with Our Lifestyles

Never before have Americans (or probably anyone else for that matter) spent more time parked on their derriere.

All jokes aside, it is literally killing us. A sedentary lifestyle is associated with obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and even colon cancer.

For better or worse, many people went from working in agriculture and other industries to working behind a desk over the last century. We need to find a way to balance a technological revolution with our physiological needs.

The Stand-Up Desk Balance Board

Enter the stand-up desk. This allows people to get work done while stand. Although many were doubtful, it soon gained a massive following and you can even accessorize your stand up desk.

Many say it improves their posture while others simply just felt more comfortable and free. However, what is undeniable is the benefits of your circulatory system.

A standing desk balance board takes it a step further. This is a great way to burn extra calories, stay moving, improve concentration, and train your balance.

The Best Balance Board for Standing Desk

You have tried a balance board before but it was probably quite different from an office balance board. The roller boards that are popular in college campuses and festivals, for example, require much more skill and concentration.

You probably wouldn't be able to focus on your work so they are not really practical for the office.

You don't want to risk falling down at the office. A work balance board is designed to be much less extreme. They are wide and much easier to balance.

Balancing Work and Health

Have you considered getting a stand-up desk balance board yet? If you spend a significant amount of time working at a desk and are serious about your cardiovascular and mental health, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

A standing desk board can help you take care of your body while getting work done. Sitting at a desk might be good for business, but it isn't good for you.

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