Get a Standing Computer Desk: Why Sitting is Harmful

Get a Standing Computer Desk: Why Sitting is Harmful

Everyone does it and even children spend a lot of their time doing it at school. Many adults even have jobs nicknamed after it and we do it almost everywhere we go. A lot of us even do it as a form of recreation.

What's this "it" that has got everyone doing it? Did you say sitting? If so, then you're right.

Although sitting is important, too much of it can put you at serious health risk.

It's for this reason you'll now find ergonomic products that you can use at the office, such as a standing computer desk, that help reduce the time you spend seated.

But why exactly is sitting so bad that it's better to work using standing desks? Why is sitting so bad in the first place?

We've come up with this post to address all these questions you have about sitting. Let's take a look.

The Big Question: How Much Time Do You Spend Seated?

Knowing what the statistics have to say about sitting will help you understand why too much time doing it can put your health at risk. This will also help you recognize the value of making the switch to a standing computer desk.

First off, according to the British Psychological Society (BPS), a typical workweek involves an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes a day seated at the desk. This is already a health hazard. But it becomes even riskier when combined with lack of physical activity.

The same study from the BPS showed that nearly two-thirds of the surveyed employees failed to meet the recommended physical activity guidelines. And half of the surveyed below-50 population also failed in this aspect.

Now let's consider the status of screen time in the United States. This may come as a shock, but according to a recent Nielsen Company audience report, adults in the U.S. spent an average of nearly 11 hoursevery day staring at their TV screen. And as you can imagine, most of these hours also represent the time that adults spend seated.

Now that you have actual numbers, ask yourself where you stand (no pun intended). Are you within the average or do you spend even more time sitting than any other activity?

The Bigger Question: What Can Sitting Do to You?

Sitting is inevitable. It's something we do on a daily basis. It's become so ingrained in our lives that it has even turned into a lifestyle.

This doesn't mean it's safe to do so. Nor does it mean you should continue letting it be a big part of your day to day activities.

Do so, and you'll only put yourself at huge health and safety risks. Even a few changes to how you work, say with a standing computer desk, can already help you cut back on your sitting time every day.

Let's now take a look at the reasons why you should cut back:

Pain All Over

Sit for hours on end, and you're looking at serious back pain. This also puts significant stress not just on your back, but many other parts of your body too. It has become quite common for those with desk jobs to suffer from pain affecting the neck, arms, and even the legs.

Prolonged sitting can also place extreme pressure on the muscles on your back as well as the spinal discs. This worsens when you have the habit of slouching while seated. Continue this bad habit, and you can suffer from strained spinal discs and overstretched spinal ligaments.

In addition to discomfort, a poor sitting posture can damage the structures of your spinal column. This can lead to chronic neck and back pain.

This is why office ergonomics are so important in today's modern workplace. There are various ergonomic office setups that can help, one of which is the standing computer desk.


Health experts strongly advise against prolonged sitting, and a good enough reason is that it can lead to heart disease. Many studies have linked sitting for long periods of time with cardiovascular conditions, including heart attacks. Many of these have shown how a sedentary lifestyle can weaken the heart.

In other words, the longer you spend time seated, the greater your risk of a heart attack or stroke is. And you know that either is never a good thing. So, start reducing sitting time with a standing computer desk.

Deadly Diabetes

Long since have studies shown that remaining physically active can help in the prevention and management of diabetes. But with diabetes being a globally-prevalent condition, researchers have also started looking at its connection with being sedentary.

Some studies found that physically inactive individuals are at greater risk of diabetes. However, more recent studies have also found that people who stay seated for long stretches, even when they exercise, are still at risk of diabetes type 2.

Many other researchers have similar findings. All of them share similar risk factors. And one of them is sitting for hours on end.

Reducing Sitting Time: As Important as Remaining Active

All these health and safety hazards apply to everyone. But those at a much greater risk are people who have desk jobs and spend too much time staring at the TV.

You know that you need to increase your physical activity. But equally important is reducing the amount of time you spend sitting.

A standing computer desk is an ideal and effective way to achieve this goal. Because a lot of those hours you're in a sitting position is due to work, this ergonomic office furniture gives you the chance to make the switch to a healthier habit. In addition, their design helps improve posture, further benefiting your health.

Get Your Standing Computer Desk Now

Now that you know more about the dangers of sitting too much, it's time to correct your habits. Start by converting your traditional computer desk into a standing one. This way, you can stand more, have a better posture, and minimize all the above-mentioned risks.

Ready to have a healthier, safer work lifestyle? We can help. We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about ergonomic office furniture.

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