For Standing Desk Workers Only: 4 Must-Have Accessories

For Standing Desk Workers Only: 4 Must-Have Accessories

Just a few years ago, people standing at their desks was a weird fad that nobody gave a second thought about. Now, it's a huge movement and if you're reading this, you've probably joined the standing desk craze.

First off, congratulations! You're helping out your body and your productivity with this choice.

You're going to need some new accessories that you never thought of before, so what does a standing desk worker need to be successful?

Read on for some of the most important accessories that all standing desk workers need.

1. Under-Desk Keyboard and Mouse Platform

It's important to have your keyboard positioned at the optimal height for your arms and hands. Your keyboard should be positioned at elbow height, so your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle.

An under-desk keyboard platform allows you to move your keyboard to your ideal height, whether you're sitting or standing. The best platforms do more than just go up and down. Many of them also swivel right to left, so you can move around and still have your keyboard at the best possible angle.

2. Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you're standing for hours at a time, you're going to want to make sure what your standing on is comfortable.

Having no support underneath your feet can lead to pain in your feet, your legs, and your lower back.

In addition to providing comfort for your feet, an anti-fatigue mat encourages movement and stretching while you're standing. It's important to stay active at a standing desk, just like it is if you're sitting.

3. Monitor Riser

Just like you need your keyboard at an ideal height for your arms and hands, you need your monitor at an ideal height for your head and neck.

Your center of your monitor should be at eye level, and the monitor should be directly in front of you, not angled to either side.

An adjustable monitor riser is ideal for a standing desk. You can raise and lower the monitor depending on if you're standing or sitting, or if you're using mats that may change how high you are off the floor.

4. Exercise Equipment For Standing Desk Workers

While a standing desk in itself has many health benefits, one other great benefit is that it allows you to work out while you're working!

The simplest and most popular exercise equipment for standing desk workers is the foam roller. It can be used for many different exercises and is also great to stand on periodically to give your feet a little break.

Another popular accessory is the balance board. This not only keeps you active and helps you improve your balance and strength, but it's also fun! It keeps your mind active as well, improving productivity.

Starting Your Standing Desk Journey

You are ready to join the healthy life of standing desk workers.

If you have done so already, you're now ready to find the right accessories for you!

Check out our website to see what we have to offer. You can find a lot of different things that will benefit you in your work and overall physical health.

From standing desks to anti-fatigue mats, to balance boards, we have everything you need!

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