Finding the Right Sit-Stand Balance

Finding the Right Sit-Stand Balance

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Science has proven that prolonged sitting is detrimental to health. This is not good news for the millions of office workers who spend all day in front of the computer. Too much time spent sitting increases the risk of obesity and its related serious health concerns—heart disease, diabetes, even early death, according to the Smithsonian. Standing for even ten minutes out of every hour can help reduce the health risks of constant sitting. Because of the well-known risks of prolonged sitting, many office workers elect to use a standing desk, the theory being that they eliminate the problems caused by sedentary desk work.

What About Standing All Day?

But there is a flip side. The type of work performed at a desk often requires lengthy periods of attention, and standing in one place for a long time carries its own risks. Standing immobile for too long can cause varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, and cardiovascular problems: as blood collects in the lower extremities, the heart must compete against gravity to move it back upward, causing strain on the heart muscle. Constant standing also runs the risk of compressing the spine, causing pain in the lower back. Movement is called for, whether you stand or sit while you work.

The Best of Both Worlds

One solution is a stool that can be adjusted in height and provides a comfortable surface for intermittent sitting while using a standing desk. Even better, an ergonomic standing desk stool that encourages movement, such as the  Wobble Stool, provides additional benefits: it can be tilted to the optimum position for spinal health, relieving stress on the back, and a 360 degree swivel seat allows for a greater range of motion than a desk chair. Alternating standing and sitting at a standing desk becomes easy, since the stool is at the right height and position.

If you have questions about standing desks, the Wobble Stool, or other ergonomic products that can help you and your employees, please call or chat with us for assistance.

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