Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

Too often we find ourselves in a mind numbing routine devoid of inspiration and creativity. Here are five simple steps to finding your inner chi and innovation.

  • 1.Switch it up. If you go to the same office, coffee shop or workspace and find yourself bored or dreading the environment, it is time to altogether make a change. Portabalize your office and take it to an inspirational point not confined by walls, boundaries, or roofs. Let your mind expand and fill with inspiration

  • 2.Take a break. It is no coincidence that our greatest laws of physics were discovered during mental relaxation. Archimedes solved the law of displacement in a bathtub; newton discovered gravity after being hit by an apple. Some of our greatest ideas are generated when we least expect it, allow yourself to reset with small frequent breaks.

  • 3.Pick up an old hobby. There is a reason you once loved it, finding that love again will flood you with youthful, positive, and imaginative thoughts. Join a sports team; take a cooking class, read a book. Whatever it once was that ignited your spark, try to re-introduce it and find yourself rejuvenated.

  • 4.Take a trip. Leaving for the weekend or altogether submerging yourself in new cultures and environments provides introspection, new outlooks, and appreciation.

  • 5.Conquer a goal. A lot of letting your mind become uncaged is proving to yourself its capability. Whether small or large, set a goal and see to its completion. 
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