Fidgeting Can Help You Focus, Problem Solve, and Think Creatively

Fidgeting Can Help You Focus, Problem Solve, and Think Creatively

How often do you hit a creative roadblock or let fatigue and frustration overwhelm you while trying to solve problems?

The guy next to you who’s flicking pencils, bouncing balls, and repeatedly clicking his pen might be illustrating simple techniques that can help you get through difficult situations.

Wobble Stool Active Sitting Chair

Fidgeting consists of small and sometimes repetitive motions—things like letting sand slip through your fingers, tossing a ball, tapping a pen or pencil on the desk, or flipping a switch. Often associated with boredom and wasting time, fidgeting has resurfaced as a helpful technique that can help you break through tough mental blocks. Researchers report that mundane fidgeting gives your mind a rest, lets you temporarily escape from reality, and refreshes the soul for a fresh journey through the workday.

Simple fidgeting motions can reduce stress, help clear your mind, and allow the creative juices to flow more freely. The idea of using desk gadgets to encourage fidgeting which leads to enhanced problem solving and creativity parallels some of the rationale behind using an Active Sitting Chair, Electric Standing Desk, or Standing Desk Conversion.

Active Sitting—the process of not sitting stationary in a fixed chair—is a great source of fidgeting. Chairs like the Wobble Stool allow you to be stationary when concentration and focus are most important. When you hit a mental impasse, the Wobble Stool lets you swivel, tilt, and move around–helping you blow off steam and refresh for the next round of intense work.

Using a Standing Desk Conversion or an Electric Standing Desk like  Rise Up allows you to switch between sitting and standing while working. Taking a moment to adjust your workspace creates a short distraction that can clear your mind helping you positively move forward during the day.

The use of tiny distractions that encourage fidgeting may give you the mental clarity needed to leapfrog creative doldrums and solve problems more quickly. From desktop items to active sitting stools to standing desk conversions, consider breaking up your workday with simple, mundane fidgeting or movement for enhanced productivity.

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