Features of an Ergonomic Mouse

Features of an Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomics is an applied science focused upon designing and arranging objects people use so they interact most efficiently and safely. Ergonomic techniques and products—and even the ideas that inspired them—used in other fields, by NASA, NASCAR, etc., are showing more prominence in the regular office workplace.

What doesn’t get done on a computer these days? The more time we spend clicking and dragging a regular mouse, the more strain we inflict on our hands and wrists. For those who spend long hours at the office, developing “mouse arm,” or the tech world equivalent of tennis elbow, is a risk.

Few people start out using a computer with an ergonomic mouse. Wrist pain is a frequent consequence. Though it sometimes sounds trivial wrist pain can be excruciating, and can be worsened if your job requires use of a computer for most of the day. Ergonomic mice can help alleviate existing wrist, hand, and arm pain by correcting improper mousing techniques.

Here are some thoughts to consider about ergonomic mice:

  • Using a mouse with your hand parallel to the table and flat against its surface puts stress on your wrist. A standard computer mouse forces the wrist into an uncommon motion of

    An ergonomic mouse can be wired or wireless, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You’ll find them in shapes, sizes, and colors that will probably make you wonder if they came from a spaceship. As you evaluate an ergonomic mouse for yourself, consider your work habits. Many ergonomic mice have many buttons that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks—you may find that you can become more productive with some mousing shortcuts!

  • Don’t wait until you have pain to choose and use an ergonomic mouse. Using an ergonomic mouse can help reduce your chances of musculoskeletal disorders by supporting a neutral mousing position and relaxed grip. Although it’s possible your new ergonomic mouse will take some getting used to, switching from your old mouse to an ergonomic model is likely to be an instant and notable comfort experience.
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