Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Rise Up Electric Standing Desk

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Rise Up Electric Standing Desk

Standing desks have been one of the biggest office furniture trends in recent years. They've become popular, not just because of the health benefits, but also because using them boosts productivity; one Texan call center found standing employees were up to 53% more successful than their colleagues at regular desks.

Buying a standing desk is a considered purchase, particularly the electric models which take the strain out of the transition from sitting to standing for you. It's important that you know the item you are about to buy before you spend your money.

In this article, we are taking an in-depth look at the Rise Up Electric Standing Desk.

Why Choose an Electric Standing Desk?

While sitting, your body uses very few calories, and so sitting contributes to weight gain. Exercise is the most effective way to boost the number of calories that your body burns, but even small changes such as standing rather than sitting can make a difference. You could burn an extra 1000 calories a week, just by making this change.

Standing may also help control blood sugar spikes, lower the risk of heath disease, reduce back pain and leave you feeling more positive and energetic. All of these factors together point to a happier, healthier life. In fact, reducing your sitting time by just three hours a day could add another two years to your life expectancy.

Questions to ask before buying an electric adjustable desk

Before choosing a stand-up office desk, it's essential to check that it will be right for you, and anyone else who may be using it.

Take some measurements, and ensure that the desk you choose is suitable for the minimum (sitting) and maximum (standing) heights that you need. If you are the only person who will be using the desk, then one set of measurements will do. If you are sharing the desk with colleagues or family, then you will need to repeat those measurements for everyone.

You should also consider the width of the desk and its footprint, that is the space the desk will take up when it's in use - whether the user is standing or using a chair. The depth of the desk is essential too. You will need to ensure that all your equipment will fit on it and allow you space to work.

If you are choosing a standing computer desk, do you want one that gives the option of a keyboard rest? Keeping your monitor at eye level and allowing your arms to be at a comfortable, lower, position is optimal.

About the Rise Up Bamboo Standing Desk

The Rise Up Electric Standing Desk has a precision, laser-cut steel frame combined with a bamboo top. It can remember up to 4 different set-ups, allowing the desk to be used by multiple people without a problem. It has auto up/down features and is fitted with anti-collision technology to prevent accidents during use.

Bamboo Top

Not only does the bamboo top of this powered standing desk look beautiful, but it's also environmentally friendly.

Bamboo helps the planet as it grows, absorbing 35% more carbon dioxide than trees. It grows well without pesticides and fertilizers, and as it is fast growing it is a more sustainable crop than wood from trees. Bamboo is durable too; its tensile strength is the same as steel!

This gives you a desk that is easy to clean and resistant to scratching. This model is available in two different colors; natural and black.

Built to Last

The motors that power the rise and fall motion of this desk is reliable, having been tested 'in the field' for over ten years. There are dual motors fitted to this model, which allow for a smooth and reliable range of movement. Reviewers note that the motors are quiet in their operation.

The frame itself is made from steel and offers a clean-cut and easy to maintain design.

Fully Adjustable

This desk is not simply a standing computer desk. It's fully height adjustable, having a range of between 26 and 51 inches. The control unit allows you to store up to four different profiles, allowing you to effortlessly move from standing to sitting, or from one user to another.

The width of the desk is also adjustable, giving you a large range of size for the desktop of between 42 and 71 inches. This allows the desk to fit into the space available and gives you the ability to customize the space that you want available to you.

The desk also comes with a keyboard shelf, allowing you that option if you prefer it. You can also install optional casters, allowing you to move the desk around if you need that added flexibility.

Lifting Capacity

The lifting capacity of the desk is a hefty 250lbs. That's a generous allowance for computers, notebooks and other equipment on the desk that your desk will lift without a problem.

Accessories for Standing Desks

In addition to the desk itself (and a chair, if you plan on using one) you may also want to consider buying some accessories. For example, standing on a balance board while working helps to keep you alert and allows you to work the muscles in your body under low-impact conditions, benefitting your health.

Anti-fatigue matting can be placed on the floor near your desk and helps stimulate circulation and allow you to stand for longer, maximizing the benefits of your standing desk.

Buying the Rise Up Electric Standing Desk

If you decide to choose the Rise Up desk, you can purchase it here, from us. We pride ourselves on selecting the best products for our range and offering them to you at the best prices we can. We're proud to offer exceptional service and support, and welcome your calls with any questions this article doesn't answer.

The Rise Up Electric Standing Desk offers great value for money. It is a premium product with many features but is offered at a fantastic price. If you are considering purchasing a standing desk, this is a great product to choose.

Do you have any question? Just reach out to us.

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