Ergonomic Keyboard Trays: Factors to Look For

Ergonomic Keyboard Trays: Factors to Look For

Your keyboard is one of the most significant pieces of equipment from an ergonomic standpoint. Even with a well-designed desk and comfortable chair, you may not avoid repetitive strain injury if your keyboard tray is not ergonomically designed.

Let’s take a look at some underdesk keyboard tray options that you can find at our store to choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Sit/Stand Keyboard Tray

A keyboard tray with a mounted platform can be easily installed on the underside of the desk. The tray can be elevated, tilted, or swiveled to the perfect position to allow typing at a neutral or negative wrist angle. With its movable features allowing it to move above and below the desk, an under-desk keyboard tray is ideal for both sitting and standing desks.

Mouse Platform

You can either use a separate platform for your mouse, or if you prefer, a wider keyboard tray that's large enough to place the keyboard and mouse on the same surface. Ideally, your mouse should be as close to your keyboard as possible to allow easy reach. 

Mouse platforms are available in three different styles. The most commonly used type is the one that swivels at the height of keyboard. The second type of mouse platform pulls out from the side of the keyboard platform and is usually fixed in height. The third type of platform swivels over the keyboard tray, allowing a closer reach from the keyboard. With its height-adjustable features, it often permits independent tilting to adjust it at a more flexible and comfortable position.

Palm Rest

Having a palm rest is ideal from ergonomic perspective. It supports your wrists and palms to keep them straight or at a neutral angle. Ergonomic professionals recommend the use of padded palm rests (with either foam or gel cushion) to give soft,comfortable support to your wrists. Make sure that the palm rest is removable for easy cleaning.

Adjustable keyboard trays can be a great choice when your work surface is fixed or uncomfortable. When designing your workspace, investing in underdesk keyboard trays can be a good way to improve comfort and productivity for you and your employees.

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