Ergonomic Additions to Your Workspace

Ergonomic Additions to Your Workspace

An aching back, pinched shoulder nerves, sore wrists—these are a few of the repetitive strain injuries that can be caused by desk work. Add to that the health costs of prolonged sitting, such as increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and it is clear the modern office needs a makeover to benefit office workers. Employers benefit, as well as employees, through increased productivity and employee engagement.

Ergonomically-designed office furniture offers an effective method of achieving that makeover. Adjustability is the key feature, so that you, the user, can place yourself in the optimum position to avoid strain while using a computer or performing other desk work.

active seating

An ergonomic standing desk or adjustable height computer workstation allows you to achieve the optimum position shifts throughout the day. If you have the space for a full height-adjustable desk, our RISE UP is a sturdy, affordable, attractive choice. If you’re limited by a fixed cubicle or lack of access to an electrical outlet, try our CHANGEdesk, which sits flat on the desk surface and can be raised with the squeeze of a lever to five different heights, to accommodate a range of users. Pair either option with our Wobble Stool, which allows for active movement and increased core strength for the times you prefer to sit.

If you have questions about ergonomic desks or other products that can help you and your employees, please call or chat with us for assistance.

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