Choosing a Standing Desk Mat: Key Features to Look out For

Choosing a Standing Desk Mat: Key Features to Look out For

Work injuries don't only happen in high physically demanding positions. On-the-job injuries are as common in office settings as they are in labor intense settings. Workplace safety is crucial for both the employees and the employer.

For those working in an office, sitting or standing in the same place for a long period of time is painful. Muscles that can't stretch and move throughout the day become sore. To keep those muscles strong and healthy, they need to be active.

To keep your body moving for a lifetime, you need to exercise those muscles daily. But how can you exercise at work?

Calm down. We're not going to say, "on your lunch break!" That time is devoted to turkey clubs and guilty pleasures.

We aren't here to get you back into the gym. We're here to keep your body healthy and less fatigued while at work. The best way to do this is with standing mats for work.

Standing desks are great replacements for sitting desks. Some of the benefits of standing desks include lower risk of heart disease, back pain, and weight gain. But to receive the full benefits of standing desks, you'll need the best standing desk mat.

Key Features in Finding a Standing Desk Mat

You want your body to feel the best that it can. Standing desks mats are amazing Ergonomic products. Ergonomic office products help increase your activity while keeping you alert and productive.

And you want the best standing desk mat on the market. You need your mat to keep your legs and feet comfortable and stimulated. Be on the lookout for these key features when shopping for the perfect mat to complement your standing desk.


All product descriptions list specifications. Standing desks mats will offer specifications for length, width, and height. The size and thickness of the mat determine how much floor space you have to move around on and how much cushion you have to support you.

A larger sized mat gives more flexibility in your movements. With more mat to stand on, you're not restricted to making only small movements. For workers who like to stretch or stand with a wider stance, larger size mats are ideal.

Thicker mats have more cushion inserted into them than thinner mats. Because of this, thicker mats will be more comfortable for your feet all the way to your hips. A thicker cushion helps prevent fatigue, making for the best anti-fatigue mat.


A great water and stain resistant material works perfectly in the office setting. Spilled coffee is no problem for high-quality foam mats because they are cleaned easily.

Avoid mats made with vinyl covers. Vinyl covers sometimes hide defects!

Mats made with high-quality foam are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. To prevent slipping, mats should also have a non-slip material. If the mat is placed on a hard surface such as tile, hardwood, and even carpet, it shouldn't be able to move.

A mat that supports your weight without movement is a good safety measure. With a non-slip material, you won't have to worry about any office falls.


A busy day at the office can become hectic. There might not be room left in the day to focus on anything other than your work. A standing desk mat that moves out of the way easily is convenient and perfect for storage.

Some mats have a feature on them that allows you to use your foot to move it under or to the side of the desk. This feature is perfect for anyone not wanting to bend their back. It's perfect for everyone!

Active vs Flat

Standing desks mats come in two different styles: active and flat. The surface of an active mat is contoured, while the surface of a flat mat isn't.

The active mat has side walls that make stretching your calves while standing super easy. Active mats offer a massage ball that rests in the center. The massage ball stretches your feet and adds to the convenience of sliding the mat out of the way.

Ergonomic flat mats aren't only for office use. Flat mats are used to lessen fatigue in homes, garages, workshops, and more! Any job that requires you to stand for a long period of time, is a job that requires standing mats for work.

Beveled Edges

A beveled edge means that the edges are not perpendicular with the structure. Beveled edges prevent the mat from disforming and curling at the edges over time. This feature keeps the mat stay flat and lessens its chances of becoming a tripping hazard.

Beveled edges are most important on flat mats since active mats already have edges of different sizes. Beveled edges give flat mats a little safety boost! It also makes it easier to step on and off the mat!

Step Right Up

Standing desks mats give you reasons to stay active at work. Keep those muscles moving and stay alert! Standing desks do a great job of getting you off that uncomfortable office chair, but standing mats are the cherry on the cake!

Make sure the mat you choose is thick and large enough for your stance, that it is made from durable materials, and that it's a style that fits your needs.

Choosing the right standing desk mat is easy. If you can check off these key features when shopping around, then you've found yourself a great mat! Shop here to find high-quality active and flat mats for your needs.

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