Check in to the Future: Our Evolving Workplaces

Check in to the Future: Our Evolving Workplaces

The workplace of the future is happening today. With more people concerned about repetitive motion injuries and the risks of sitting for most of the workday, these days you can buy ergonomic products just about anywhere.

Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can occur when workers are improperly positioned or uncomfortable while working. Musculoskeletal problems can occur in workers in all industries, from the assembly line to the office. And the latest research demonstrates that too much sitting can be detrimental to your overall health.

More and more companies are creating ergonomic products for the workplace, like electric adjustable desks and under-desk keyboard trays. These products can help you work more comfortably, which translates into working more safely. Improving your workstation’s ergonomics can help you improve your posture, which in turn helps reduce fatigue, stiffness, and soreness.

When you buy ergonomic products, you’ll want to choose well-made items that will help keep you comfortable, prevent musculoskeletal injuries, are built to last, and fit your budget. You can give your entire workstation an ergonomic makeover with just a few products; we’ve listed some of the most popular options we sell here at Uncaged Ergonomics:

Electric Adjustable Desks

To counteract the effects of sitting for hours at work, you need to increase your physical activity. One way to increase movement is by using a standing desk while you work. Electric height adjustable standing desks have electric motors that adjust the height of the desk so that they can be used while sitting or standing. The height range of an adjustable standing desk will work for most people, unless you are very short or very tall. Our Rise Up Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is not only a good ergonomic choice, but is also eco-friendly and even features four programmable height presets.

Standing Desk Conversions

Sometimes you can’t buy a whole new desk. If you aren’t able to replace your entire desk, you can still enjoy the benefits of a standing desk by using a standing desk conversion. A standing desk conversion sits on top of an existing work surface and can be adjusted so the height is appropriate for sitting or standing. A standing desk conversion typically has one or more platforms—one that serves as a computer monitor stand and another that holds the keyboard and mouse. Our CHANGEdesk and Electric CHANGEdesk make it easy to convert to standing while you work.

Active Seating

Active seating refers to stools or chairs that move around while you’re sitting, and include wobbly stools, balance balls, along with other seating options that cause you to work your core muscles while you’re sitting. Active seating can help improve posture and boost your energy levels during the day by preventing slouching. Our Wobble Stool is fun and functional, with adjustable height.

Computer Monitor Stands

A computer monitor stand can help you achieve the ideal monitor position: directly in front of you, with the center of the screen at about eye height. When your computer monitor is positioned improperly, you can end up with neck and shoulder pain from craning your neck, looking down, or keeping your head turned to view the monitor while you’re working. You can also use a computer monitor stand to raise your monitor to a height appropriate for standing desks. Our patent-pending LIFT monitor stand is easy to adjust and can function as part of a DIY standing desk conversion.

Adjustable Keyboard Trays

Standing while you work is only part of the ergonomic workstation story. When your keyboard is positioned too high, too low, or too far away, you may be straining muscles in your head, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands.

To keep your arms, hands, and wrists in the optimum posture for typing, you need your keyboard to be at elbow level. To achieve this position, you can choose between our KT-1 and KT-2 adjustable keyboard trays. They both feature a separate mousing platform so that your mouse remains level while your keyboard is tilted to the best wrist position, and will help you position your keyboard and mouse at the right height whether you’re standing or sitting.

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