CHANGEdesk vs. VARIDESK Pro 30

CHANGEdesk vs. VARIDESK Pro 30

If you’re interested in the health benefits of a standing desk, but can’t purchase an entire desk, a standing desk conversion is an affordable and portable option that works for a variety of workspaces.

With a standing desk conversion, you can quickly adjust the height to accommodate sitting or standing positions. Multiple height options make it

No assembly or installation is required; just place it on top of your existing work surface. A standing desk conversion typically has a footprint that enables it to fit in even the smallest workspace.

Compare the features CHANGEdesk from Uncaged Ergonomics to the competition.


Price $249.99 $375.00
Material High strength steel and
premium laminate
Wood and PVC
Product Weight 30 pounds 42 pounds
Footprint Width 25¼ inches 30 inches
Footprint Depth 18 inches 26¾ inches
Height Settings 5 11
Minimum Height 4 inches 5 inches
Maximum Height 21½ inches 15½ inches
Weight Capacity 30 pounds 35 pounds
Recommended # of Monitors 1 1
Adjustment Style Straight up and down Moves forward off the work surface
Adjustable Keyboard Tray Yes No
Ambidextrous Mouse Pad Yes No
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