Carpal Tunnel Prevention: A Practical Guide for Office Workers

Carpal Tunnel Prevention: A Practical Guide for Office Workers

If you're one of the 86% of Americans that sit in front of a computer for work, you likely are familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome. Even if you don't have it, you probably have feared getting it in the past from typing all day.

Luckily, there are carpal tunnel prevention measures that you can take to ensure that your hands and wrists stay healthy. Read on to learn what you can do to proactively fight against this common health problem!

Keep Your Wrists Up

When typing at a flat computer, most people naturally rest their wrists against the front of the keyboard. However, this means that you need to stretch your hands unnaturally to reach the keys closer to your screen. Doing this puts unnecessary strain on your tendons and can lead to carpal tunnel.

Make sure that you hover your hands above the keyboard as you type. This will let your hands move across the keyboard and stop unnatural stretching. Put a post-it note reminder to do this on your monitor until it becomes a habit!

Use the Right Keyboard Tray

However, there are better ways to keep your hands in an ergonomic position than simply remembering to do so. The WorkEZ keyboard tray has a slope from where you place your hands down onto the keyboard, which ensures that your hands can move around naturally. It also is at a height that gives you the best vantage point for reaching all the keys.

You can adjust the keyboard tray to be at a variety of both sitting and standing heights. This means that you will be comfortable no matter how long your arms are or what position you're choosing to work in.

Alternate Between Standing and Sitting

Speaking of standing heights, an adjustable height standing desk can help prevent carpal tunnel. Varying your position- alternating between standing for a while and then sitting for a while- is commonly associated with preventing back problems. However, it also allows your wrist to shift into new positions every once in a while and stops your hands from becoming too used to a single position.

Perform Occasional Wrist Exercises

No matter what ergonomic office supplies you purchase, make sure that you stop working to do easy stretches occasionally. You won't need to break longer than 5 minutes at a time, which provides you with the perfect opportunity to rest your eyes and mind as well.

One of the simplest exercises is simply to shake your hands as though you're drying them off. However, many people also like the 'stretch arm-strong.' This is a deep stretch where you fully extend an arm in front of you and keep your fingers facing the floor. Use your other hand to put pressure on your hand and push it down toward you.

More Carpal Tunnel Prevention Tips

While carpal tunnel prevention can be a challenge, it's essential for the health of all office workers.

Now that you know some ways to keep your wrists healthy, it's time to learn more. Contact us for more ideas on how to prevent carpal tunnel. We're happy to point you in the direction of ergonomic office supplies that will keep your body comfortable and free of pain.

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