Can’t Buy a Standing Desk? Try This Instead.

Can’t Buy a Standing Desk? Try This Instead.

Standing desks are becoming more ubiquitous in the workplace, because sitting all day isn’t good for you, and people want to incorporate more physical activity into their lives, especially during the workday.

There are several reasons why you might not be able to buy a standing desk. A full-sized standing desk may be out of your budget. Perhaps you work in a cubicle that won’t accommodate a standing desk, or your employer owns your desk and doesn’t want to upgrade. Maybe your workstation is just too small to squeeze in an affordable standing desk.

If you want to test the waters with standing while you work, you can raise your computer components—your laptop or monitor and keyboard—by stacking them on boxes or books. However, that might not be a sturdy, long-term solution. You don’t want to bump your desk and send your expensive equipment tumbling to the floor…not to mention it’s also not particularly stylish.

When you’re sure that a standing desk is right for you, but you can’t buy a full-sized one, you should instead consider a portable standing desk. A standing desk conversion is the best way to obtain an affordable standing desk. These desktop risers can help you position your laptop, keyboard, and/or monitor at the height you need for standing. They are adjustable in height, so they can also be used while you’re sitting.

The best part? They sit on top of your existing desk surface, and usually have a footprint size that will fit even the narrowest workstation. Many companies are making them these days, so there are a wide range of options to choose from. Although technically you can move a portable standing desk from place to place, some of them can be a little heavy—so if you plan to switch between locations while you work, check out the item’s weight before you purchase.

Since there are so many models to choose from, you’ll want to research how the height adjusts on various models. Some models have one or more levers you release, then lift to raise the height, or push to lower. Other models feature electric motors that allow you to raise and lower the height with the push of a button.

Most portable sit to stand desk conversions are large enough to hold a laptop and a monitor, or two monitors—accommodating most people’s computer configurations. Many have an integrated keyboard platform that can adjust the height of the keyboard along with the height of the screen. And, no matter which option you choose, you’re likely to find one that costs considerably less than a full-sized standing desk. 

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