Calories Burned Standing vs. Sitting

Calories Burned Standing vs. Sitting

Sitting isn't the new smoking but it does increase the premature death rate by as much as 20%. A sedentary lifestyle isn't healthy, and unfortunately, many people sit as much as eight hours a day.

Do you sit all day at work? Is it hard keeping your weight down? Many people have weight-control issues from sitting in front of a computer all day.

There are some things you can do to offset the hazards. One solution is an adjustable desk. How many calories burned standing vs sitting is a big question when it comes to sit-stand desks.

Read on for information about burning calories while standing at an adjustable desk.

Calories Burned Standing at an Adjustable Desk

Everyone's body metabolism is different so your actual calories burned while standing varies. On average, a person burns about 88 calories per hour while standing.

That's only about eight more calories per hour than sitting which burns about 80 calories per hour. Standing for eight hours burns about 64 more calories per day than sitting.

While that's not enough calorie burn for weight loss, it makes a substantial difference over time. Burning 64 more calories each day adds up to 448 calories per week.

That's a whopping 23,296 calories per year!

Sitting, Standing and Your Health

The important takeaway is that modern Americans working in office jobs sit too much. International experts agree people need less sitting and more standing. Aim to stand for two or more hours per day.

That death rate? It's almost 20% higher than average for all causes of death for those who sit six or more hours per day. Sitting all day puts you at increased risk for diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

Make sure you get at least 30 minutes of exercise like walking, running, or lifting weights per day.

The Adjustable Desk Solution

Do you sit in front of a computer most of your day? Don't panic! There's a great solution to the problem of sitting too much.

It's the adjustable sit-stand desk. The sit-stand desk gets you up on your feet for as many hours a day as you want. Start with an hour and work your way up.

Another great thing about the adjustable desk is it facilitates movement in other ways. Even fidgeting burns more calories than sitting alone. Stand at your desk and move from side to side.

Since you're already standing, you're more likely to walk to a neighbor's cubicle instead of sending an email. Are you working at home? Run and do a quick chore and then resume standing at your desk.

Some people even put small treadmills in front of their adjustable desks. You can also use an adjustable-height activity stool. This gets you moving when you're sitting or standing.

Stand for Your Health

A sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. The extra calories burned standing add up over time. Do your health a favor and get an adjustable sit-stand desk if you work at a computer all day.

Don't put your health at risk with a sedentary lifestyle. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day.

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