Burn Calories at Your Desk Without Thinking

Burn Calories at Your Desk Without Thinking

If you're like the millions of others who have to sit at a disk for large periods of time, you're looking for ways to give your body some love. It can be hard to sit for so long.

Your body get's achey, you feel lethargic, and you start to wonder what you could be doing better. Luckily, for those of us who are slaves to the chair, there are ways to improve your health while working at a disk.

There are numerous forms of desk fitness which work to improve your health while you are working at your desk. Sounds pretty great, huh? The best part is, a lot of the methods don't really distract you.

You get in better shape while entirely focusing on your work. If you're interested in boosting your health and making your time at the desk a little more effective, read on to get some desk fitness tips.

The Standing Desk

You've likely walked by someone in the office who has a standing desk. Their computer is raised and they always seem to be a little more awake than everyone else in the office. Have you wondered what the big deal is?

It's estimated that the average desk worker sits for at least 5 and a half hours every work day. If you tally that up throughout the entire year, you're going to realize that you're in sitting in that chair more than you would like.

Sitting too much poses some real problems because we aren't designed to sit in chairs all day, we're designed to be active and stand. Extended use of poor posture in chairs can lead to irreparable damage to your spine and internal organs, not mention that your body will just feel more lethargic, achey, and less limber than it would if you weren't sitting all of the time.

Standing at your desk is an excellent alternative to the old swivel chair you've been spending time with. The benefits of standing at work might surprise you, so buckle up and be open minded.

Here are the benefits of the standing desk:

Lowers Risk of Obesity

Sitting down all of the time is a surefire way to reduce your metabolism, gain fat, and remain tired. Standing doesn't necessarily lower your risk of obesity in itself, but it does prevent you from partaking in sitting, which is a huge risk factor.

Additionally, you'll burn fat while standing. It may not seem like much work, but when you string together every day that you stand at work, the burned calories start to add up.

You Can Do Low-Effort Exercises

Instead of the old "lean back and yawn-stretch" that comes so naturally when sitting in chairs, keep your body alert and limber all day. Try incorporating some calf raises.

Spread your feet shoulder width apart, stand upright, and lift your heels off of the ground for around 3 seconds. Do this around 20 times, stop for a moment, then repeat. You can do this consistently throughout the day to improve circulation to your legs.

You can also work in a number of other simple exercises. For example, bend your knees slightly until you feel tension in your hamstrings, then straighten your knees back out. This is a simple, yet effective way to build muscle, increase heart rate, and, associatively, improve performance.

In fact, standing at your desk should notably improve your performance.

Improved Performance

You might think that standing all day would make you lethargic. The opposite is actually true. Sitting makes you lethargic, while standing boasts a number of health benefits that will extend out into your work performance.

Standing at your desk will improve your circulation, meaning higher levels of oxygen will find their way into your brain. Your brain needs oxygen to function properly, and good circulation is a surefire way to give it the oxygen it needs.

On top of proper functioning, your brain will experience more resilience and longevity, meaning that you won't get tuckered out half way through the day. You'll be able to stay more alert than you would if you were sitting.

Increased Happiness

When your body feels good so does your mind. That's a general rule of thumb, but why is that true? There are a number of factors.

When you get exercise, even in small amounts, your brain releases endorphins that make you feel a little euphoric at times. In small amounts, you just experience a feeling of general happiness.

It's similar to the feeling that one gets after having a run or lifting weights. The "runner's high" is a real thing, because the chemicals released in your brain operate to make you feel naturally good. Those are chemicals that give you the feeling that people seek by taking non-natural drugs.

So, will standing and releasing endorphins, you begin generating a more positive attitude at work. If you continuously stand throughout the year, you'll notice that you have increased energy, a more positive attitude, and your body will avoid the pains that come along with sitting.

Reduces Bodily Aches and Pains

People with desk jobs commonly complain about a general feeling of back pain. Even if you sit with pretty good posture, an eight hour shift is a long time. Even plants wilt when they're tired, so you're probably going to as well.

If you're standing with good posture, though, you're likely to reduce your pain by half in only 4 weeks. The Center for Disease Control has done studies that back up the idea that simply standing at work can significantly improve your physical well being.

Care About Desk Fitness

There are so many simple ways to improve your life that can come from a little research and a little effort. There are numerous ways to enhance your desk fitness. You can buy a number of different stools, keyboards, balance boards, or other fitness enhancers for your standing desk.

If you are looking to find out more about standing chairs and ergonomics, we have all of the information that you need.

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