Boost Your Weight Loss with a Standing Desk

Boost Your Weight Loss with a Standing Desk

It’s common knowledge that diet and exercise go hand in hand when you’re looking to lose weight. So you’re eating right and going to the gym regularly, and that should do it, right? While that’s a great approach, what about the 8 or more hours you spend at work sitting down? Research shows that sitting too much can lead to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and more.

You can increase your physical activity at work with an ergonomic standing desk. Standing burns more calories than sitting—even standing absolutely still equals about 2 METs ( Metabolic Equivalent of Task). A MET is a unit that estimates the metabolic cost of physical activity; the equivalent of 1 MET is equivalent to metabolic energy used while resting. Sitting, of course, is a low-MET activity, ranging from 1 to 1.5 METs.

For reference, jogging is a 7 MET activity, and walking at 3 MPH ranges around 3 – 3.3 METs. As you can see, the higher the MET value, the more metabolic activity. So if standing is a 2 MET activity and sitting is a 1 MET activity, it’s clear that standing can help you burn more calories. It can also be easier to remember to walk around during the workday if you’re already standing up, which can help you add even more physical activity to your day.

No matter where you are in your weight loss journey, you probably didn’t achieve your goals overnight. You might need some time to work your way up to standing while working, and that’s where an adjustable height desk comes in. These desks move vertically to the ideal position for you no matter whether you’re sitting or standing. Ideally, you should work toward a goal of standing for about half your workday. Don’t overdo it! Wear comfortable shoes and gradually increase the time you spend standing.

If you want to find an affordable standing desk, you can buy ergonomic products online through a variety of sellers. There are two main types of affordable standing desks: adjustable height standing desks, which are full-sized desks, and standing desk conversions, which sit on top of an existing work surface.

But if you’re not ready to invest in an ergonomic standing desk just yet, you can test the waters by raising the height of your monitor with any number of computer monitor stands—you can find these online as well. Be sure the screen is at eye level, and don’t forget that your keyboard should be at elbow height.

Every little bit counts, right? Increasing your physical activity by using an adjustable height desk at work can definitely add up over time to boost your weight loss efforts.

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