Adjustable Laptop Stands: How to Use Them and Why You Need One

Adjustable Laptop Stands: How to Use Them and Why You Need One

Do you spend your workdays hunched over a laptop computer? Or do you have a laptop computer at home that you routinely work on while seated on your bed or couch?

If so, you've probably experienced pain in your back, neck, and shoulders as a result of it. Leaning over a laptop can leave you feeling extremely stiff.

Change this by investing in an adjustable laptop stand. With a laptop lap desk, you'll have the freedom to stand up while working on your laptop computer. You'll also have the ability to reposition your laptop while you're seated on a bed or couch.

Best of all, using an adjustable laptop stand is as easy as putting it down on a desk or placing it over your lap while you're seated and moving it into the right position.

Here are the many benefits it'll provide for you.

An Adjustable Laptop Stand Will Allow You to Work While Standing

Sitting at a desk and working all day long is terrible for your health. You'll put yourself at risk for a variety of health problems from obesity and high blood pressure to cardiovascular disease and even cancer when you spend hours at a time sitting down.

An adjustable laptop stand like a WorkEZ Light will help you get up out of your chair now and then so that you can stand instead of sitting. The only thing you'll have to do is stand up and adjust your laptop stand to allow you to enjoy the many benefits of standing while at work.

You'll feel better in the long run when make standing more of a priority.

It'll Prevent You From Putting a Strain on Your Back, Neck, and Shoulders

While it's good to stand while working on a laptop from time to time, you're not going to want to spend all day on your feet. There will be lots of times when you want to kick back in your office chair or sit down on your couch while using your laptop.

When you utilize a laptop lap desk while doing this, it'll put less strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. You'll be able to position your laptop accordingly so that you don't have to sit hunched over it to see.

Whether sitting or standing, having the ability to move your entire laptop up or down will prove to be hugely beneficial while you're working on it.

It'll Make It More Comfortable for You to Type on Your Keyboard

Do you spend most of your days not just looking at your laptop but also typing on it? If you don't have an adjustable laptop stand in place, you're likely going to start to feel pain in your wrists, hands, and forearms before too long.

With a laptop stand, you can put your laptop screen at eye level. You can also straighten out your back and keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle when typing. This will help you avoid the pain that would otherwise come along with typing away at your keyboard.

It'll Allow You to Adjust the Angle of Your Laptop Screen

One of the other problems that a lot of people run into when working on laptops regularly is that they suffer from eye strain.

In fact, studies have shown that about 65 percent of people who work on computers suffer from something called Computer Vision Syndrome. It's a condition that causes their eyes to strain when working on digital screens all the time.

You can reduce eye strain by taking breaks and turning your eyes away from your laptop screen every so often throughout a day. You can also do it by purchasing a laptop lap desk and adjusting it so that you don't have to strain your eyes as much as you usually do to see.

It'll Help You Relocate From One Area to the Next More Easily

The biggest advantage of working on a laptop computer as opposed to a desktop computer is the freedom and flexibility it provides. You can pick your laptop up and take it with you almost anywhere.

The problem with this, though, is that you constantly have to adjust to the different places you use your laptop. You might feel comfortable working on it at your office desk but then experience discomfort when working on it while seated on a couch.

You can make your laptop feel comfortable anywhere with an adjustable laptop stand like the WorkEZ Executive. When you bring your laptop stand with you when you move around, you can instantly adjust it to any situation.

It'll Encourage You to Be More Productive Overall

Studies have shown that standing desks do more than just improve the health of those who use them. They also make them more productive when they're at work or working at home.

Standing while working will provide you with a boost of energy that you wouldn't get otherwise. And an adjustable laptop stand will make it possible for you to access this increase in productivity more easily.

Laptop stands will also get you excited about working on your laptop at your office or home. Over time, people can grow frustrated with the way that their laptops leave them feeling after using them.

With a laptop stand, you'll start to feel the way you felt when you first start using a laptop again. You'll love the freedom that it provides for you when you work on it, and you'll appreciate how a laptop lap desk will make it comfortable for you to sit on it day in and day out.

Purchase an Adjustable Laptop Stand for Your Home or Office Today

Would you like to add an adjustable laptop stand to your home or office? There are a handful of options available to you.

From the medium-sized WorkEZ Professional that can allow you to work on your couch to the WorkEZ Cool that would be perfect for any desk, you have options. Select the laptop desk that would work right for you.

Read our blog to find out more about the benefits of using standing desks, adjustable laptop stands, and other ergonomic office products.

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