Adjustable Laptop Desk: 4 Reasons It's Changing the World of Work

Adjustable Laptop Desk: 4 Reasons It's Changing the World of Work

Did you know that 89% of workers are likely to recommend their company if the company supports the well being of its employees?

Some companies struggle to find ways to improve the culture of their offices when a simple and impactful solution is literally sitting right in front of them.

An adjustable laptop desk is part of the changing office landscape. The lines between work life and lifestyle are blurring, and adjustable desks are just one-way employee wellness is benefiting.

Here are five reasons why adjustable desks are changing the world of work.

1. Standing Decreases Risk of Obesity

You burn more calories standing than you do sitting. The exact amount of calories burned standing verses sitting depends on many characteristics of a person, like their age, gender, height, and weight. But, it's believed that a person can burn at least 120 to 210 more calories per hour by standing than you would be sitting.

Many Americans struggle to find a way to balance a healthy diet, exercise, and work in their lifestyle. Standing desks make it easy to make healthier decisions.

2. An Adjustable Laptop Desk Gives You the Perfect Angle

Much of the communication we endure in a professional setting is done from our desks. Google Hangouts, Zoom, WhatsApp and other tools have made it possible to host meetings with many people from any location.

An adjustable desk helps avoid awkward angles and discomfort by making it easy to get a perfect angle.

3. The Ability to Work Comfortably Anywhere

More than 70% of the American workforce works remotely at least once every week. Flex work schedules are only expected to become more popular in the years to come. Making it important to be able to create a desk wherever you're located.

An adjustable desk can turn any table into a working command center for business. Whether it's the kitchen table in your dining room or a communal work table in the office.

4. Because Sitting is the New Smoking

In recent years reports have come out that suggest the health effects of prolonged sitting are comparable to smoking. According to Harvard, when your muscles are relaxed, they use less glucose, which can increase a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Harvard also reports that sitting for an extended period of time can weaken muscles, causing chronic pain in the legs and back, and creating problems with balance and even walking.

Adjustable Desks Provide Optimal Comfort and Productivity

Many people find desks to be uncomfortable because they are not made for their unique body shape and physical needs. Many workers find themselves slouching, straining their eyes and struggling to find a comfortable way to reach the keyboard.

An adjustable laptop desk makes it easy for every worker to have a customized work setting. Comfortable workers are happy workers, which leads them to be more productive.

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