Adjustable Book Holder/Reading Stand Buying Guide

Adjustable Book Holder/Reading Stand Buying Guide

Everyone reads, every day. Whether you’re checking the news on your tablet or reading the latest crime thriller or romance, reading keeps you entertained and informed. But holding a heavy book can get tiring. If you’re not maintaining ergonomic posture—whether you’re reading a book or on a tablet—you can develop or worsen neck, shoulder, arm, and hand pain. One way to help prevent these problems is to use an adjustable book holder or reading stand that not only takes the weight out of your hands, but helps position your reading material at a proper height.

There are so many kinds of adjustable book holders and reading stands on the market today that the selection can be overwhelming. There are simple options composed of a few pieces of wood and options that clamp to a horizontal surface—and even options built into nightstands, just to name a few.

What do you need in an adjustable book holder or reading stand? That depends on how you’ll use it. We’ve put together a list of things to think about when you are thinking about purchasing.

  • Portability. Do you want the ability to take it with you from the sofa to the bed, from the desk to the library? There are many kinds of lightweight and collapsible options—made from metal, plastic, or wood—on the market.
  • Primary use. If you plan to use an adjustable reading stand primarily with a tablet in bed or on the couch, you might want to consider an option that’s built into a nightstand, like the rolling tablet stand in the image to the right.
  • Multitasking. Maybe you want an option to hold your novels while you’re reading them. But did you know that some adjustable book holders can also hold your cookbook in the kitchen, your laptop on your desk, or your tablet to watch a movie in bed? Some can even be used for holding sheet music or as a copy stand next to your monitor. However, not all options are suited for multitasking, so think about all the ways you could use a reading stand before you buy.
  • Durability. An adjustable book holder that can accommodate a paperback or tablet may not be able to hold a large, thick hardback book, or a laptop. Check to see if the option you’re considering has a weight limit. You’ll want to be sure to select a reading stand that will hold anything you want to put on it.
  • Pricing. Since there are so many different adjustable book holder/reading stand options available, there’s a wide range of pricing, as well: from less than five bucks to hundreds of dollars. You’ll be sure to find something that suits your purpose while also fitting your budget.
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