5 Ways a Portable Standing Desk Will Boost Your Laptop Ergonomics

5 Ways a Portable Standing Desk Will Boost Your Laptop Ergonomics

Working out of a coffee shop for an afternoon seems like a cozy, even romantic, idea on paper. But the reality is that the benefits tend to fall a little short after plenty of good coffee and free wifi.

After a few hours hunched over your laptop in a tiny cafe table, your back, and subsequently your productivity, will be paying the price.

And that's where portable standing desks come in.

With a portable standing desk, you can transform any flat surface into a highly ergonomic and back-friendly work station.

Ready to learn more?

Here are five ways a portable standing desk can help improve your laptop ergonomics.

1. Adjust Anywhere

Once you go portable, the world is your standing desk.

Portable standing desks are compact and lightweight, making them easier to tote with you no matter where you decide to set up shop.

It won't matter how short the tables at your favorite bookstore are. With a portable standing desk, you'll be able to adjust the height of your laptop to your ideal height. So, you'll be able to sit up straight and work longer, without having to worry about a sore neck or back interrupting you.

2. Switch it Up

Having a fulltime standing desk can be helpful — unless it's difficult to adjust.

Sitting all day long every single day can wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing — but standing for long periods can wind up being just as painful.

The trick is to maintain a healthy balance of sitting and standing. That said, if switching from sitting to standing is too hard, why have a standing desk at all?

A portable standing desk is super easy to adjust because it only affects where your laptop is. So, you can swap from standing to sitting whenever you want.

3. Get Moving

If you're standing at a desk, unmoving, knees locked, for hours on end, you're not doing anything to boost your circulation.

While standing can be better than sitting, standing desks can only help you if you move around a bit while you work. And portable standing desks are perfect for moving around.

4. Break Time!

The human brain can only focus for so long. While the amount of time you spend focusing depends on the task, you should take a break at least once every hour — especially if you're working on a computer!

With a portable standing desk, you'll be able to pack up and move on whenever your brain decides you need a change of scenery.

5. Stay Productive

Nothing kills productivity quite like a backache. Once it starts up, you won't be able to focus on anything else until you find a way to relieve it.

Fortunately, with a portable standing desk, you'll be able to reduce your risk of winding up with a sore back due to hunching over your laptop.

You'll be able to work in complete comfort anywhere you go. Which means, every time you decide to clock in, you'll be able to work at peak productivity.

Finding the Right Portable Standing Desk for You

While standing desks are generally preferable to the alternative, they aren't all that helpful for people who like to work on the go. You'll need something portable for that!

Ready to find the right portable standing desk for you? We can help.

Contact us for more information about our products or to order your standing desk today.

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