5 Reasons Why Laptop Stands Are Catching Attention From Everyone

5 Reasons Why Laptop Stands Are Catching Attention From Everyone

By 2023, 171 million laptops are expected to be sold and shipped worldwide. This is greater than the expected number of desktop sales (79.5 million) and tablet sales (122.1 million) as well. So what does this mean for laptop stands?

Well, laptop stands are catching everyone's attention for a reason. Laptop stands can benefit your posture, increase your work motivation and even prove your know-how in the high-tech ergonomics game. Here are our top 5 reasons why laptop stands are on the rise.

1. Laptop Stands and Posture Concerns

According to Saloni Doshi, a physical therapist at Brigham and Women's Hospital (affiliated with Harvard), "modern-day" habits can overstretch and weaken your back and shoulder muscles.

Watching TV, using your phone 24/7 and hunching over your laptop can all contribute to bad posture and pain. Laptop stands can help your posture when laptops are otherwise essential to your daily routine.

2. Hazards of Remote Work

If you're a remote worker, you may be attached to your laptop 24/7. Millions of people globally are at risk for computer vision syndrome, and you have to consider your eyes when working.

When you work remotely, you are also more likely to overwork yourself. A majority of office jobs that have a set weekly schedule (and coworkers to keep you to it). But when working remotely, you may create your own schedule and accidentally work longer hours long-term.

Keeping your elbows at a 90-degree angle while you work and raising your laptop to eye level with a laptop stand can protect your eyes long-term.

3. Comfort Cultivates Better Work

When you're comfy, you tend to work longer. It's much easier to get into your workflow and stay in it, from the comfort of your own home or ideal workspace.

Laptop stands are on the rise in popularity for the stress relief they can offer your shoulders and back. While working on a normal desk can be okay short-term, having a laptop stand is better to relieve tension.

4. High-Tech Ergonomics

Do you love being ahead in terms of high tech and innovative solutions? Laptop stands can ensure that your workspace is the envy of all your coworkers and friends.

Ergonomics focuses on interactions between individuals and objects they use. This focuses on safety and efficiency. By staying in tune with objects and practices that can better ergonomics, you can even increase your productivity by 11 percent.

5. Laptop Stands Give Flexibility for All Preferences

Laptop stands such as the Work EZ seated laptop stand come in multiple styles that can accommodate you, no matter your preference.

With various levels of investment, you can enjoy laptop stands that vary from lightweight to super sturdy, small-laptop sized or ready for all sizes of laptops. Fixed lip supports on laptop stands can keep laptops in place so you can focus on better posture and completing your work.

Laptop Stands Catch Attention for Health Reasons

You can invest in a laptop stand to stay ahead of the technological curve. Alternatively, you can turn to a laptop stand as a step toward better posture and increased comfort while you work.

Consider a laptop stand as your next affordable investment into your health and work longevity.

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