5 Awesome Ergonomically Friendly Holiday Gifts We Love

5 Awesome Ergonomically Friendly Holiday Gifts We Love

Ergonomic gifts help lessen muscle fatigue and increase productivity. Learning more about the ergonomically friendly holiday gifts will convince you to get one for someone you care about.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most commonly reported cause of restricted or lost work time. Ergonomic accessories are designed to alleviate the symptoms associated with these disorders.

Your loved ones deserve to receive gifts that keep on giving. And that's exactly what an ergonomic gift does! In fact, the benefits will have a noticeable impact on their lives.

Here are 5 ergonomic holiday gifts that will be a boon to whoever receives them:

1. Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage because they provide a healthy alternative to sitting desks. However, many people don't understand how someone could complete their work at a desk like this.

Yes, standing during your workday is good because it requires you to use your leg muscles. But in order to use a standing desk properly, you must alternate between standing and sitting. You'll receive more ergonomic benefits this way.

If you're thinking about getting someone a standing desk, consider getting this following gift for them as well:

2. Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to decrease fatigue that comes from standing on a hard surface for prolonged periods of time. It's an ideal gift for someone who has a job that requires them to stand in one place for a while.

Our anti-fatigue mats support your back, hips, feet, and knees during work. The result is a worker who experiences much less muscle tension during their workday.

Does someone close to you need a heavy-duty anti-fatigue mat or a more lightweight one for portability? Either way, we've got you covered!

3. Ergonomically Friendly Chairs

No ergonomic office is complete without an ergonomically friendly chair! That way, the time someone spends sitting will be more comfortable and rejuvenating. Experiencing less discomfort on the job can also increase productivity.

There are different styles of ergonomic chairs to choose from. For instance, we carry the Wobble Stool that makes it easier to move around while sitting. If you prefer a more conventional chair, check out our Active Task Chair.

4. Balance Board

The Balance Board is one of the ergonomic accessories you don't hear about often. Using it increases strength in your core muscles while improving your posture.

People use balance boards in the same way they use anti-fatigue mats. If you can't decide between the two, consider getting our Base Standing Balance Board + Anti-Fatigue Mat.

5. Laptop Stand

Our laptop stands are ergonomic because they're adjustable. This gives someone more comfort and flexibility while using a laptop.

Using a laptop stand can also improve your posture. After all, many people slouch while using their laptops!

Go Ergonomic For The Holidays or Go Home

Work-related MSDs cause back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and strain. That's why an ergonomically friendly gift can easily change someone's life for the better.

MSD-related stress can even cause a hernia or sprain. Fortunately, practicing ergonomics will reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Give your loved one the comfort they deserve—check out our ergonomic products and see what you like. Someone you know might love it even more.

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