3 Questions to Consider when Shopping for a Standing Desk Conversion

3 Questions to Consider when Shopping for a Standing Desk Conversion

  1. Can you position your monitor at eye level?
    For proper posture, screens should be positioned at about eye level, so your vision focuses on the center of the screen. Often we see pictures of people working on computers where the screens are positioned too low for their physique. Monitors that are positioned too low can lead to a unhealthy forward lean, slouching, hunching and general discomfort. And monitors that are positioned too high can cause neck and shoulder pain from tilting the head upward.

    Before purchasing a Standing Desk Converter, gauge the approximate height range that you need, by measuring the distance from the top of your desk to your eyes.

  3. Will the Standing Desk Conversion you’re interested in allow you to elevate keyboards to a comfortable height?
    Most ergonomists agree that optimal typing health occurs when keyboards are positioned at about elbow height and you’re typing with a neutral or negative wrist angle. For ultimate flexibility, you can choose a two-piece standing desk conversion that allows you to independently adjust the height of your monitor and keyboard. One-piece standing desk conversions can adjust more quickly but are less flexible with regards to positioning your devices.

  5. How often will you move between sitting and standing?
    Plan to move between sitting and standing regularly? Choose a Stand Up Desk Converter that allows quick, easy adjustments and doesn’t require you to remove products from the stand when adjusting.

    If you want to stand more often, consider a fixed-height standing desk converter that will elevate your computer to a comfortable standing height. Combine this with a  standing desk stool so that you can have a rest from standing without needing to adjust the height of your desk.

  To help find a standing desk that’s right for you, check out our  “Help Me Choose A Standing Desk" flowchart.

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