10 Modern Office Furniture Layout Trends Your Workplace Should Try

10 Modern Office Furniture Layout Trends Your Workplace Should Try

Over half of the workforce says that they're unhappy. They're unhappy for many reasons, but the environment is a contributing factor to many people's discontent.

When the layout of your office is sub-par, your employees could be very unhappy. Or maybe it's your office, and you're unhappy with how it looks.

Some modern office furniture and a change to your layout could be just what you need to make you or your workers feel happier. Time to change it up to get a more modern, cleaner, and better look.

Modern Office Furniture Ideas to Make Your Office a Better Place

It's about time that you feng shui your office with modern office furniture. If your furniture has been sitting around in the same old configuration for years, chances are it's super outdated.

1. Laptop Workstations

Being confined to your desk with your desktop computer can really take a toll on your productivity.

Sometimes, to be creative, you literally need to move. Creating comfortable places for people to sit and use laptops can encourage people to think outside the box. Beanbags, couches, and rugs all can give that relaxed vibe you might be going for.

2. Getting a Standing Desk

A standing desk might be the answer to your achy back, and possibly even weight gain. Standing is also thought to increase productivity.

Sometimes, changing your perspective is all you need. Many simple standing desks are available at a low cost to let you try out how you like standing versus sitting.

3. Make a Collaboration Workstation

Two heads are better than one. So what does that say about four or more heads?

Creating spaces in your office where more than four people can work is a great way to generate ideas. If you need to facilitate more collaboration in your working environment, giving people the opportunity to sit together in this way is an easy and effective way to promote it.

4. Whiteboards on the Walls

If you want a modern office, consider adding whiteboards to your walls. They might not necessarily be considered furniture, but they add an immense amount of value to an office trying to increase its modern feel.

The functionality of whiteboards can't be beaten. They're another way to build on collaboration, letting people visualize their ideas to other people.

All you need to do to get a whiteboard wall is to find whiteboard wall paint and paint it on a wall. You'll have an instant whiteboard.

5. Get the Outdoors In

People weren't made to be inside all day. Bringing plants inside the office is a huge move toward modern decor.

Not only do you simulate a more natural environment, but you also help add purity to the air.

Looking at plants can actually help signal to your brain that you're happier. And luckily, they're cheap and simple to bring indoors. You can start with cactuses and move your way up once you find your green thumb around the office.

6. Onsite Fitness Center

When you see the phrase "fitness center" you might think there's no way you have the budget for that.

Your fitness center doesn't have to be fancy. Employees would benefit from a simple small room with minimal equipment inside of it.

You know how it is - the job can keep you from going to the gym. When the gym is actually at work, it's going to be a lot easier to feel motivated to work out due to the convenience.

7. Increased Connectivity

While it's also not necessarily considered furniture, it's an important move to make sure that employees can charge up no matter where they are in the office.

If you're making spaces to move around and use your laptop or collaborate with others, the worry that a laptop or phone will run out of power should never be present.

Add USB port chargers throughout your office. Or for a simple fix, you can even add more power cords along the tables or your cozy workspace areas. When you're not worried about having to move because of a battery running out of power, you'll feel more productive because you're not feeling rushed to get up.

8. Less Clutter

While increased connectivity is a positive thing, make sure that it doesn't clutter up your office. When wires and cords are wrapped all around the office, it might make it look messy and cluttered.

Open offices are great, but personal clutter and items everywhere can increase the look of disorganization throughout the area. Streamlining your space can really improve productivity and a feeling of calm.

Provide yourself or your employees with more storage. Under-desk organizers are immensely helpful to still keep your stuff, but keep it out of sight.

If you need to, you might want to add more storage to your office. One or two cabinets can actually make a world of difference when it comes to keeping things clean and clear and out of sight.

9. No Assigned Seating

Keeping your employees contained to one section of your workspace can prevent them from collaborating with others who they might work well with. Add seats around the office where anyone can sit, and you could spark some new working relationships.

10. Color Pops

Inviting furniture into the workspace with bright colors can actually help improve people's moods.

Bright colors can pick up someone's bad day. Modern furniture that's vivid and colorful might be the thing your office needs to step into the decor of this century.

Get Up to Date

You're probably noticing that there are a few modern office furniture inventions that you might not have known about before.

Active seating is taking over the workplace. It helps to engage your core and lets you move more while sitting.

You can increase your blood flow, and stay healthier at work by changing your seating. And no longer do you have to settle for an exercise ball and be the weird person at the office.

Let Uncaged Ergonomics give you the best in seating, and upgrade your work life altogether.

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