Under-Desk CPU Holder

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How It Works:

  • Quick 4-point mounting systems connects to any wooden desktop
  • Swivels 360-degrees for easy access to all ports & cables
  • Adjustable Height: to 9 settings from 13-21" high
  • Adjustable Width: from 3 - 5.75"

Why It's Useful ... Simple, Easy To Use, Convenient:

  • Frees Up Desk Space! Stores CPU under your desk
  • Moves With Your Desk: Perfect for standing desks
  • Adjustable: Adjustable height & width to accommodate most CPUs


2 Models to Choose From:

  • CPU1g - Swivels Swivels 360-degrees on a fixed mounting plate (does not slide in and out under your desk)
  • CPU2g - Swivel & Slide: Swivels 360-degrees AND slides in and out under your desk for easy access.

Improve desktop organization by securely storing computer CPUs under your desk with a durable swiveling under-desk CPU mount. This under desk CPU holder swivels 360 for easy access to all ports and cables. Simple, and intuitive height and width adjustments allow this under-desk computer CPU mount to hold a variety of CPU sizes. Under-desk cpu holders are a must-have standing desk accessory that free up desk space and help de-clutter your workspace. The adjustable swivel under desk CPU Holder mounts under your desk to conceal CPUs. Two models to choose from: CPU1g is a swiveling under-desk CPU holder. CPU2g is a “swivel and slide” under-desk CPU mount. Both have easy installation and provide quick access to ports and cables.

CPU Holder mounts under your desk to conceal CPUs. Easy installation. Easy to access.
* Adjustable Height Range:
13-21" (9 settings)
Rotates 360-degrees for easy access
* Adjustable Width:
Quick, Simple Assembly:
4-point mounting system
* Material:
Neutral Gray
SKU = CPU1g | UPC = 712038309894