WorkEZ Stabilization Bar

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The WorkEZ Stabilization Bar helps eliminate left-to-right lateral motion in WorkEZ Executive & the WorkEZ Standing Desk. It connects the 2 lower or middle leg segments. It is easy to install and simple to remove. You can use either 1 piece or 2 pieces (for maximum stability).

An optimal accessory if you use WorkEZ Executive near maximum height (i.e. for standing)


  • Material = chrome
  • Fits: WorkEZ Executive (either of the 2 lower leg segments)
  • Padded Grooves easily slip on/off.

Stabilization Bar for Uncaged Ergonomcis’ ergonomic adjustable height and angle laptop riser, standing desk converter, and lap desk. Fits WorkEZ Executive, WorkEZ Cool and WorkEZ Standing Desk helping to reduce lateral sway.

Type Value
Description: Stabilization Bar fits WorkEZ Executive. Helps reduce lateral sway
Material: Chrome
Fits: WorkEZ Executive
Length: Fixed Length, ~ 21"