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Woman working at an electric standing desk converter

Enjoy the health, energy, and productivity benefits from standing throughout the workday with our patented ELECTRIC CHANGEdesk. Quickly move from sitting to standing and everywhere in between with a fast, smooth, and safe all-electric adjustment - NO Lifting! Electric CHANGEdesk is one of the tallest standing desk conversions with a HUGE adjustable height range (8.5 - 25.5"), comfortably positioning monitors at eye-level for just about everyone up to ~6'5". The fully adjustable ergonomic keyboard tray optimizes typing comfort, letting you type with a neutral or negative wrist angle. No installation - plug it in and meet your new ergonomic desk.

What Makes ELECTRIC CHANGEdesk special?

  • HUGE ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT RANGE: position monitors at any height from 8.5 - 25.5" above your desk! No more hunching. No extra monitor arms needed.
  • ERGONOMIC KEYBOARD TRAY: Hold keyboards at the optimal height and typing angle. Negative Tilt? Yep, we've got that.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: Move monitors straight up and down with the push of a button. NO Lifting!

How It Works:

  • No installation required.
  • Connect the ergonomic keyboard tray & rest Electric CHANGEdesk on top of your existing desk.
  • Plug it in and meet your new adjustable height ergonomic sit/stand desk!
  • Press the up/down button to adjust the height of your desk.
man working at a standing desk on an electric standing desk converter
woman working on a computer add an electric standing desk converter in the seated position at an ergonomic office desk


  • HUGE adjustable height range - raise monitors anywhere between 8.5 - 25.5"
  • Supports single monitors, dual monitors (<21"), and iMacs up to 30lbs
  • Large, premium quality top panel (27.5"x19.5")
  • Fully adjustable height & angle ergonomic keyboard tray with negative tilt.
  • Ambidextrous mouse pad easily connects to both the right and left sides.

Electric CHANGEdesk is a powered standing desk conversion kit that brings ease and convenience to your work routine. It’s portable, easy to use and smooth to operate. All-electric height adjustment quickly raises and lowers monitors letting you effortlessly move between sitting and standing throughout the workday. It's a compact, elegant standing desk conversion that helps create an "active desk" environment without breaking the bank.

Electric CHANGEdesk is a tall, powered, height-adjustable standing desk conversion that’s perfect for people of all heights, especially tall people. This electric standing desk converter features a fully adjustable height & angle negative tilt keyboard tray. The motorized standing desk riser for single monitors, dual monitors, and even iMacs is fast, smooth, and easy to use – requires no lifting, no installation, and simple keyboard tray assembly.

Will Electric CHANGEdesk hold my monitor?

Electric CHANGEdesk is designed to hold single monitors, dual monitors (up to 21”), and iMacs weighing under 30lbs.

Electric CHANGEdesk’s top panel is 20x30”. If you have large monitors, we encourage you to measure the space you need to ensure compatibility.

What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other technical details?

Click on the SPECS tab on the Electric CHANGEdesk webpage

How much ASSEMBLY and INSTALLATION is required?

Electric CHANGEdesk ships almost completely assembled and there’s no installation. You'll just need to connect the ergonomic keyboard tray! Place Electric CHANGEdesk on top of any desk/table and start standing!

Is CHANGEdesk portable?

YES! Electric CHANGEdesk rests on top of any desk and can be easily moved from desk to desk.

Do you ship to Canada or another foreign country?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout.

How does it adjust?

1. Plug Electric CHANGEdesk into the wall
2. Press the up/down arrow to raise/lower Electric CHANGdesk.

The adjusting speed is too slow … why?

We designed Electric CHANGEdesk to move up and down efficiently and SAFELY with the touch of a button. The adjustment speed is governed to eliminate shaking and jerky movements and help ensure your monitor remains safely planted on the top of Electric CHANGEdesk.

Is there a left-handed mouse pad?

Yes. The mouse pad is ambidextrous and works equally well on the right and left sides.

Type Value
Description: Fast, safe & easy standing desk conversion with a large adjustable height range. Electric adjustment. For laptops, desktops & iMacs. No Installation - plug & play.
Min height (to the top panel): 6.75"
* top panel dimensions: 27.5 x 19.5"
Max height (to the top panel): 24.5"
* middle panel dimensions: 18" x 25.25"
# height settings: Infinite. Any height from 6.75-24.5"
* lower panel dimensions: 18" x 25.25"
Max height of middle level: 13.75"
* keyboard tray dimensions: 18.25" x 9.75"
Weight: 40lbs
* keyboard tray height: Adjustable +/- 5.5" above/below middle level
Max load: 30 lbs
* mouse pad dimensions: 7" x 6.6"
Footprint (amount of desk space needed): 18" x 25.25"
* material: Aluminum & MDF
Will electric changedesk hold my monitor?: Compatible with single monitors + iMacs + 2 Monitors (<22") weighing <30lbs
Sku, upc: SKU = CDE / UPC = 820103873277

Electric changedesk affordable adjustable height power standing desk conversion

Use this this electric adjustable height standing desk converter to effortlessly move between sitting and standing with the push of a button – No Lifting! Compact design takes up less desk space. The tall height range and smooth electric adjustment properly positions monitors at eye-level for ..

Electric changedesk assembly instructions

How to assemble Electric CHANGEdesk - an affordable adjustable height standing desk converter designed by Uncaged Ergonomics.

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United States United States

Mostly positive

I like everything except for the keyboard holder. When the product is all the way lowered I have only one choice for keyboard position and it is not comfortable.

United States United States

good idea and good customer service

We had to get 3 electric desks because two came crooked and with broken drawers, so kind of cheaply made and not well inspected. also, not completely perfect with having the keyboard only able to be at one level of the desk because not all of us are proportioned the same, a little bit more options there would have been perfect and more stability on the mouse. But the main idea of up and down, electric for the screen is great, just need to build on it and it would be better if made in the US>

Erik R.
United States United States

Gtreat Product

It was the boss who started it all. She got one, and now we have 3 in our office. I am sure more will come. I am worried about the life span of this product but for now the users are getting more work done, being able to stretch their legs and continue writing or whatever it is that they are doing. I Love it, They Love it .

United States United States

Electric CHANGEdesk

Excellent product!

Erik R.

Great Product

1st is was the Big Boss, then Her assistant and then the Other boss. So in one month we now have 3 of your desk in our office. I dont think we are done either. They are loving the desk. Finding that standing keeps them focused and more comfortable as they are getting more work done. We are in the entertainment industry and they are writing all the time and this was a heaven sent. Thank You for such a great product