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Portable Standing Desk Converter

The Perfect Portable Standing Desk

Convert any table to an adjustable height standing desk.

  • Versatile (for laptops, single & dual monitors, iMacs)
  • Simple. No installation. No assembly
  • Perfect portable standing desk conversion

WorkEZ Cool


  • Super light-weight < 6lbs!
  • 2 fans + 3 USB Ports + Mouse Pad

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  • Quick height adjustment (4.5-21.5")
  • Sturdy w/ ergonomic keyboard tray

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Electric CHANGEdesk


  • Effortlessly adjust height with the touch of a button
  • Supports single and dual monitors

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WorkEZ Standing Desk


  • Our most popular product
  • Weighs less than 9lbs

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Portable Standing Desk: Healthy Computing Anywhere

WorkEZ is a simple ergonomic stand that improves your posture, health, and comfort while computing on the go. For people looking to reap the health benefits of standing (versus sitting), WorkEZ is an excellent portable standing laptop desk. The stand fold flat for easy portability and extends up to 2 ft tall (depending on the model), comfortably elevating laptops and allowing users to compute standing up. Whether you work at a coffee shop, at home, in various offices, or in a dorm – WorkEZ is a simple, portable standing laptop desk that lets you stand up and work just about anywhere. As a portable standing desk, WorkEZ converts any desk or table into a truly ergonomic sit/stand table. Not just a portable standing laptop desk, WorkEZ also works with desktop monitors – serving as a portable standing desk that elevates work and home monitors to the proper height for standing.

Research has repeatedly shown that working from the standing position is healthier than working from the seated position. With the aid of a portable standing desk, standing does not have to be a permanent position. As a portable standing desk for laptops and desktop monitors, WorkEZ lets you quickly and easily move from the seated to standing position and vice versa. The lightweight nature and collapsibility of the WorkEZ stands allows them to work as a portable standing desk that you can use without much additional effort. WorkEZ is an all-inclusive solution that works for both a portable standing laptop desk and a portable standing desk for desktop monitors.