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Lap Desk

The Perfect Lap Desk

Ergonomic lap desks that make it more comfortable to compute everywhere.

  • Works everywhere: on a chair, couch, in bed
  • Adjusts to fit you
  • 3 models to choose from

WorkEZ Executive

  • Widest model w/ most wiggle room
  • Longer leg segments are more stable

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WorkEZ Professional

  • Narrower and more compact
  • A great choice for slimmer folks

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WorkEZ Light

  • Smallest & Lightest
  • Great for smaller people

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WorkEZ: The Most Comfortable Lap Desk

Using a laptop on a couch, chair or in bed can be downright uncomfortable. Computers get hot on your lap which is super uncomfortable, they restrict your movement since you can’t stretch out your legs without risking upsetting your laptop, and there’s always the risk of overheating since soft surfaces prevent laptops from breathing correctly.

WorkEZ is one of the best laptop desks for your lap. As an aluminum lap desk, WorkEZ slides over your lap giving you the freedom to move around comfortably without upsetting your laptop. As one of the best laptop desks for your lap, WorkEZ does everything you need in an ergonomic lap desk: WorkEZ cools laptops through natural heat dissipation, elevates computers off your lap, and generally makes computing in a chair, couch, or in bed more comfortable.

WorkEZ is an aluminum lap desk. Aluminum is a great material for computing because it’s lightweight, durable, and naturally dissipates heat helping computers run at a cooler temperature. A truly ergonomic lap desk, WorkEZ adjusts in height to elevate computers off your lap. This prevents hunching and slouching. The panel on WorkEZ adjusts in angle to decrease screen glare and to further elevate laptop screens if needed. As an adjustable height and angle ergonomic lap desk that also cools laptops through natural heat dissipation, WorkEZ is perhaps the best laptop desk for bed. Resting over your lap on the surface of the bed, WorkEZ is a stable ergonomic lap desk that elevates laptops, tablets, and books off your lap to make computing much more comfortable and healthy.

Overall, WorkEZ is a great laptop desk for your lap and a one of the best laptop desks for bed. Not just for laptops, WorkEZ also works as an ergonomic lap desk for use with tablets, iPads, books, and e-readers. The support lips safely hold a wide range of devices and the adjustable, ergonomic nature of WorkEZ makes is a great companion for any of these devices. WorkEZ, an aluminum lap desk, works as an ergonomic lap desk that makes computing and reading in bed, on the couch, and in a chair much more comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable.